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    I lose it with secular workers who think that a company pays them a wage to decide for them selves how much of that time they will work and how much time they will waste.

    I’m a lot of things but as far as work is concerned……i do what i can to get the job done….

    It rarely gets mentioned these days but the biggest theft in a company is still time as a company pays one for the time one puts in……

    Personally, i’ve always been a hard worker and although i like to chat and have a laugh….i never forget where i am when i’m at work……

    In my opinion…..a lot of people in the work force have a very strange idea of what they get paid for…..

    For instance……just 5 minutes deliberately wasted every day costs a company money….doesn’t sound like much but if you add that over a week and a month and a year…..the cost to a company can run into thousands in wasted time…

    My main point here out of many is that many seem to ask how much are they getting paid……I like to ask my self…how much am i putting in?

    Some times or maybe a lot of times it seems to me that if you enjoy doing a great job (what ever that may be) then you either become classed as a creep,teacher’s pet etc.

    Funny thing is….i don’t always do a great job to every one….but to me that’s not the most important thing…what is important however to me is whether i did the best i could do at the time….


    As soon as I saw the title of this  thread, before I read it, the answer in my head to the question was ‘ Laziness’ . B-)


    Well perhaps you were being a bit lazy moosey and assuming?


    Assuming what ? I said before I read it, not that I hadn’t read it. Stop looking for an argument when there is none, I was actually agreeing with you in a round about way.


    ok no problem…..i just feel people that assume are lazy…..not getting the facts and all that…after all,that’s what assuming is



    What did I assume please ? :unsure:


    That i was looking for an argument….


    Lol. I laugh at word assume some times as also too can reflect the term anticipate. Expect before it happens  in positive or negative way, or influenced.

    But I do see laziness often at jobs, or those who feel beneathe them, or not job title, in description, or paid to do it, leaving to the next to pick up to do what could do, and not do it.

    What makes me lose it, is when you speak truth, or be honest, make opinion express it, openly admit it, and people who not really know you…assume you wrong, not know,  call you liar…So forth. Think that a form of rudeness, laziness, not willing to see things in different perspective, or learn on own that another may try to help working with a person, not against a person.

    Such is life..


    As soon as I saw the title of this thread, before I read it, the answer in my head to the question was ‘ Laziness’ . B-)

    Well perhaps you were being a bit lazy moosey and assuming?

    I don’t think so Q. You mentioned I was assuming and being lazy when in fact I merely answered the question posed in the title of the thread. I think you completely misread my post. The questioned posed is ” what makes you ‘lose it’ ?” I explained that my first answer in my head was ‘ laziness’, having read the thread it would seem that we sort of agreed . In fact it was you who assumed wrongly. Don’t wriggle away from it with nonsensical comments, admit you got it wrong.


    Quite right linda….in a lot of ways…..there are many conditions to drive through on the high way to communication………..main thing is…..if your on the right road….the detours may be endless but the destination remains the same…..

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 31 total)

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