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    Personally myself, the Earthquake in Mexico, I have friends currently there, all safe though but such a tragedy.

    R.I.P to those that have lost their lifes.

    And to those that can rebuild, they will do so in time. Just hope the help is there for these people.

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    Thousands and thousands of donations all over our Country directed to victims of disasters of recent weeks, not receiving what being sent directed to provide comfort, for them and families. Offered that in another thread. On utube…. small box from American Red Cross, providing broom, toothpaste, 3 cans of food, 1 wash cloth…..a lady in Texas video, and her house behind her in the ground collapsed.

    Stinks, many of us want to know who in charge of the donations?????where going????


    It’s shocking, I would if I could, go out there myself with a truckload of stuff and give it out myself to make sure people got what they needed and if I didn’t have what they needed I would do my very best to get them what it is they need, Thats just me.

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    My community got 2 trucks, large ones, trailers want to say for Louisiana trouble…

    Loaded up so high, full, the town contracted 2 drivers at big cost to bring and deliver. They were stopped at a check point. Military unloaded supplies, not allowed after certain spot. Said supplies loaded off to other trailers division to other community needs in Louisiana. Drivers accepted unloading…dropped and told to leave!!



    tbh world prob/s dont effect me, as in get me angry or and upset about, but it does make me think obv people who can fix things just dont, so it is best to not think much about the bad in the world, as it only angers or and upset people, i mean i stopped reading the newspapers since say 2014 or earlyer years, and no tv since 2015, i mean i dont have the power to fix prob/s in the world, others do…., so i dont make it my prob unless i am having a bad day, someone i know has a mental illness she said to me “i feel guilty not helping them people in that country” i said to her “if u can not fix it, dont think about it”, so yes i stopped using media what shows repeat depression info, yet some reason many still do. :scratch:

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    but that stick-your-head-in-the-bucket attitude leaves you open to getting your backside kicked.

    A refusal to know about what’s happening puts you in danger of being just-nothing.

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    yes i get u, but i am trying to deal with me own life prob first, no good trying to help others if i can not help me self, and also i am not rich i can not make a big difference to the world, if i cud i wud.


    If I could help everyone in need in the world, I would but its just not possible, I would give my clothes off my back to someone more needy of them than I. If I see someone begging for money for food I would rather go buy them a hot meal and a drink knowing that I have helped them eat today. If sleeping rough, what would a few pounds less out of your pocket be to go buy a fleece blanket for them. People’s circumstances differ from case to case and I know some people cannot be helped, but i’d rather die trying than to not even attempt to help. I just wish that people didn’t have to go through horrible times, but thats life, its the way it goes sometimes and we have to accept that.


    yes u have to be carefull with given to homeless, as obv not all use it good.


    I’m not concerned with any worldwide event as there’s nothing I can do about it and being concerned is a futile exercise. Instead of illustrating events in the news which are well publicised, is the OP as equally concerned over problems in her own country such as people not receiving certain cancer treatments due to a broken NHS, elderly people shivering in their flats unable to turn on their heating with the welfare in the state it’s in, people taking their own lives in this country due to issues of financial / mental health natures etc.

    I’d suggest the OP doesn’t need to go there offering the clothes off her back , but sells her laptop/Iphone used to type on here  and gives the money raised to childrens hospitals in the UK for eg which would be an equally noble cause. I’m sure the money raised for either that or indeed the mexican disaster from the sale of the items would be more than welcome and wish her well with it.

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