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    Weren`t you quitting more times than Ronnie O Sullivan?


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    I seriously think it’s the herpes that’s going round that has folk running  scared.

    Waves  :bye:   :bye:   :bye:   :bye:   bye:


    I seriously think it’s the herpes that’s going round that has folk running scared.

    Waves :bye: :bye: :bye: :bye: bye:

    :yes:   :yes:   :yes:   :yes:   :yes:   :yes:


    Since I bothered logging on … Just another clarification,

    may have appeared an odd thread started by Jamie, but I can assure you it wasn’t because she was ” off her head” when she asked the question , as I’ve been told has been said lol ( this place hounds you even when you stay away, one way or another, ) I asked jamie if she had problems logging in, she hadn’t tried for a week or so but said she’d try, she also couldn’t get page to load,  since then a few people have told me same problem, not many and not for long, about 7 – 8 hours I was told and it wasn’t a JC issue, it was a Safari issue, so , I guess those using Apple devices may have had issues like me. Anyway it seemed to resolve itself,  not sure when as I’ve not tried till tonight, so, main point being, it was a justified query as a thread and not a lady talking pissed off her head as some would love to believe.  Even when you don’t chat for ages people still stick the knife in, making judgements on other people with nothing to go on other than bad grammar, and we all know some people just are crap at spelling etc….. Leave it out, really ?

    As I said , I’m not back posting, thank god I hear from the rafters…. Lol. Just thought I’d clear that little lie up at the same time. Bye.

    👍😴 B-)


    Well, Mooosey, I don’t see anyone thinking she was just pissed.

    And I for one am really pleased that jamie has resolved her problem. It’s a tought problem to overcome.

    Also, I don’t hear any cheering from the rafters that you are gone. You were an important contributor, and the boards have suffered as a result of your leaving.

    They’ll adapt if you stay gone. Change their nature.

Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 15 total)

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