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    Almost did a meet on here before I turn doa.

    The only person I meet from here was Oompa. She was part of the gang from my Ozzy days.

    Oompa came over from Australia.  She’d been talking to this guy from the UK for a while and wanted a bit of moral support before meeting him in person. And then drag me along to there first date…..sitting there for hours feeling like a right tvvat.

    Afterwards Oompa who had used the site far more than me wanted to meet the rest of sites users. There was a meet on and she was going with the man she came over to met & later married.

    I think it Leeds in 2006 0r 2007….mite have been 2004?  (Pictures from this event were on the boards but I cant find them now)

    It was a bit of a drive from Sussex but I made it to the hotel that had been booked.  Just looking around the hotel should have warn me what to expect. The hotel wasn’t just cheap…it looked like a place used for the homeless these days.

    Having a drink at the bar I watch the users from this site arrive and awkwardness of that first meeting for most.  There was some old biddy acting like a Marjorie Dawes from Little Britain organizing the event and greeting them.

    In Brighton there a social housing estate called Whitehawk….its know for armed sieges and buses requiring Police escorts, none after dark.  The people I saw walk into that hotel looked like they were on awayday from Whitehawk.  All the rusting old burn out cars resuscitated with stolen parts and repaired…then driven to the event packed out with one or two sat in the boot drinking from plastic asda cider bottles.

    I saw Oompa outside and knew she’d out me to that silly old cow so I hide in the men’s toilet’s and then left hotel.  She  gave me stick about this for years.

    A  site meet is the worse thing you can ever do on a chat site.  For the first time you can put faces to names, place people into there social class.  I lost all respect for users of this site in that brief encounter in a grotty hotel in a forgotten northern mill town.

    Next time I used the site I changed my user name and became doa.. becoming a lot more cautious online to the point of paranoia.

    Le often call’s me fake and biggest liar on the site…she see’s thru the doa act or talked to me before the name & attitude change………God forbid Le was one of those walking into that hotel.

    Is she right?… hmmmm well when ever someone’s said that about me, I’ve always prove them wrong  B-)











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    Why do u still chat here after all these years on a daily basis if you are so judgmental about peoples social class? What social class are you in being the biggest abusive original troll on JC?….At least those people had the guts to continue the meet and let others know who they were, unlike you hiding in the toilets

    You say you didnt want to be outed  to the silly cow…..yet you didnt even know who she was!

    There are all sorts of different folk in real life and it is reflected in JC……its such a shame that some dont embrace the fact we have so many different ways of life at our fingertips and want to learn and embrace that.

    As for LE, she rarely makes a personal accusation, so when she does I would pretty much say she knows what she is talking about




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    i havent told yous yet first person i  met i know her real name but cant remember  her  user name

    oi LD pats chat was my old stamping ground and iknow who you mean.


    Why do u still chat here after all these years on a daily basis if you are so judgmental about peoples social class?

    Back then I was a lot younger and used to the Brighton scene.  With a regular flow of people in and out …. London councils dumping there homeless in run down b&b’s its hard not to be judgmental.

    There nothing like walking thru town and hearing the cries of northern  beggars to paint anyone from that area with the same brush even today.

    The stream of builders and trades from places like Hull, Liverpool or Newcastle staying in b&b’s …. hard drinking, parking illegally and being a pain does nothing to change that prejudicial view.

    And Le calls me names all the time  :yes:



    anybody remember lesley gave us all name badges at at meet

    im like what are these all about?

    les,so ppl know who you are good idea yeh?

    me “er not really no”

    les “why”?

    me “oh come on luv im not  parading about all night with a badge saying cosy    and what happens if i go to the toilet and some chancer  tries to bumm ne”





    les,”so you dont want a badge then i take it”







    And why do I still come here? I didn’t for a long time.  The pandemic was the main reason for my return.  There was and still is a lot I hate about this place.

    I’m trying to think back to the one thing that annoyed me most over years. In the end it boilers down to the site owner Martin Reed.  From the start you could tell he wasn’t the full ticket.  A man with no social skills or friends running a chatroom was a bad idea.  He made a good blogger & his computer skills were average but no way was he the right person to run a social website.

    Over the years I’ve watch Martin melt down a few times.  From refusing to remove comments made by users about other users children to block banning internet companies like talk talk.  Even the banning of guests.

    Once I was bored and was setting up silly name accounts on the boards.  In the old days there was a bit that said ” our newest member is”… and I’d sign up with a name like Pb smells or Le’s s e x toy.  All harmless stuff… but Martins pop’s up and starts renaming the accounts evidence with a number tag on.   Clearly he was sending them off to the Police.   And I sat there and laugh so hard I’d knock my tea over.  The Police are busy looking for paedophiles, terrorists and drug dealers online… you know real crimes.  Not someone posting silly names on a chat board at 3am.

    Clearly in Martins mind he throught they’d send round the flying squad to break my keyboard and lock me up for years.

    I play along… by adding “evidence” accounts to the boards… just to help out like.  And this made him even worse… seemed he didn’t want my help.

    Martin ever did or got the idea that this site was just cheap entertainment.

    Overall I do find the odd person who makes me laff and connect with…but their few and between.




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    never met anybody from this site. wife would not be happy if I did !  though I did manage a meet many years ago (about 15 or so) with another chat group when wife was working and I had free time. ( wife actually agreed I could go meet) met in London Covent Garden station ( just outside) we all went for a drink and a meal. I had to leave sadly and not  be part of evening where group wandered about and visited other places :(  .   still memories are of a decent bunch of people and quite a nice chat. can’t recall any names now but hey ho. doubt I will ever meet anybody from JC but thats life I Guess. not found anybody really annoying etc but maybe I don’t rate as worth annoying lol .have greta day and stay safe everybody.



    i like you h,bit like i see an old man walking his dog

    h,”weathers a bit off”

    me “just fck off with yer weather get on with it you old tart”sorry to be rude h mate but 2 things annoy me on chat




    did i tell you when i met kiwi ?

    anyway  he was picking up his annual most boring ever chatter award

    i was er

    didnt say much as  well tbh so did the audience,we so partied hard went back to his oi ladies shut your eyes














    we rubbed a cupla lawnmowers together,then fell asleep bye oh bye his word by the fire,


    i realise what you are saying there doa,but can we  stick to the thread please,do not bite the hand that feeds you

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