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    omg ive metarphorised into a guide

    please  forgive me lads,


    Are you people allowed outside.?


    lol i can think of some here should be put in straight jacket, never mind being out side. :

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    dunno bout the rest of them,,but i am  with my carer.


    sooo  are we outing names now  top stuff :good:

    ok then id like to nominate milky he came to blackpool and said to me

    “alroit cose any banks here need robbing”

    me “er i dont know tbh why dont you ask them?

    milks,”oy will rob the feckers dry”

    me,”woh hang on a minute nobwipe theres cctv all over the show.milks”no probs cosy man  sussed it”

    me “how”?

    him “cos im from bristol they dont know me”

    i think very soon after that i just of sighed,sorted to question my own existence then slowly slid away,i mean come on some people eh? ycmiu.



    i know i should edit the last bit  started etc but i honestly cba

    its late innit,,,,,hey i got a question for youse lot?i know its a bit off topic

    so ive got a carer shes about 50 odd,pops round on a wednesday bout tennishjean”you arite markie”

    me “yeh sound as a mouse do you want a j or a beer or summatt?


    jean”behave yourself im driving and why havent you tidied up you could have made a fckn effort at least”

    me”well i was waiting for wednesday wannit”

    jean”oh so you think im your slave now”

    me,”well what does  it say on the tin”

    jean “what tin?





    sorry back now

    so where was i?


    oh yeh so i said the tin that rin tin shitt  in

    jean”oh if you are going to be stupid im off”

    me “oi you man woman i mean slow down slam on the brakes  meant your job is as it says on the tin a carer

    jean “ok im sorry i got above my station is there anything i can help you with”?

    me :yahoo: funny you should say that but can you help me put the sheets on the bed cos im rubbish at that

    5 mins later

    jean,”looks cosy that”

    me “dunnit”

    jean “what side do you want”?

    me”can i have the one  nearest the toilet so i dont have to clamber over you when i wanta wee”

    and guess what day it is as im typing [email protected],30 am weds

    hmm roll on 10 am


    or could you?



    sorry i was thinking about jean that much

    i forgot to ask youse the question doh me


    1 have any of yous got a carer?

    2,would you have one if  offered for free like?



    The undertaker was the first I met from here

    A true gentleman





    aah ok undie yeh he came to the blackpool meet on a motorbike dunno bout a true gent more like grizzly fckn adams but yeh top bloke i got him a b and b near me  secure parking for his bike cos he was a bit scared it was going to get robbed,

    advert break,anybody seen my vlog on you tube walk on the wild side.?

    so yeh anyway hes sound apart from he eats a lot we were having a good drinking sesh and he asked me wherre the nearest kebab shop was,i hate blokes who do that if we are having a drink ,drink fck food so i didnt tell him but he found one anyway then came waltzing in the hotel with a mammoth kebab and chips and he wasnt even staying there



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