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    That was a nice meet Kenty! There was another lady there too and for the life of me I can’t remember her name! She always wanted to ‘Make a difference’ and posted on Pats Chat a lot.

    Just can’t think what her name was!

    Now that has thrown me…no idea who that was….from memory I remember being familiar online with everyone there

    It just came to me …Mims!



    mimsey yeh top girl.


    aah ok undie yeh he came to the blackpool meet on a motorbike dunno bout a true gent more like grizzly fckn adams but yeh top bloke i got him a b and b near me secure parking for his bike cos he was a bit scared it was going to get robbed,

    advert break,anybody seen my vlog on you tube walk on the wild side.?

    so yeh anyway hes sound apart from he eats a lot we were having a good drinking sesh and he asked me wherre the nearest kebab shop was,i hate blokes who do that if we are having a drink ,drink fck food so i didnt tell him but he found one anyway then came waltzing in the hotel with a mammoth kebab and chips and he wasnt even staying there


    I remember going for a kebab when I was a bit  drunk at the Northampton meet B-)


    was any of youse lot there at the  infamous meet

    i wasnt but felt like  i was,you want a clue?

    a stolen bank or was it boots card.


    Boot-gate….will live longer in JC history than Cone-gate

    I was there, as were about 15 others….we all got blamed at some point for stealing the famous Boots Points Card…..we were all shaking in our fake ugg boots when we were told

    “the police will catch you when u go to use the points card”


    omg bless anc eh?r.i p xxxx


    ps did she ever find it?

    pps im glad that bootsgate pipped conegate,it takes a bit of pressure off me,,,im quite a sensitive guy  on the quiet.


    loved the fake ugg boot line :good:


    which got me to thinking why havent we got a picnic_gate?

    maybe its that 30 year rule if you want to know that bad cya in 30 yeh.


    cant sleep tonight might get my head down later

    just sort of er let me spell it    reminscing oh fck it ykwim

    you do realise conegate is  an urban myth dontchas?


    I can’t seem to come in to visit. Issues here?

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 41 total)

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