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    I have never been banned from this site or been suspended and in fact I have not chatted in the room for over two years. Whereas Skeletor (Alfie) has had countless IDs banned. The proof is in the pudding I am afraid.

    I will happily bet £1,000 that I will still be here long after he has been banned yet again. Because when he starts constantly disrupting the room again with his paranoid accusations, if any MODS are present, he will be immediately banned again and again and again.



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    (it might not be two years but it is well over one)



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    Gerry, have you ever actually had  a £1000 ?


    JustChat logic :

    1. Sees that most names are not registered
    2. Stops guests having names
    3. Sees nobody is registering
    4. Charges £10 for registering
    5. Sees still nobody is registering
    6. Creates members only room
    7. Sees nobody uses members room
    8. Bans guests from F2 and F3
    9. Sees everyone moves to F1
    10. Ban most registered users
    11. Wonder why everyone is a guest
    12. Bans guests from F1
    13. Wonders why nobody uses the site


    Totally agree Drac




    Funny thing is that in the years I’ve been in JC, i never really saw guests converting into members and there were hardly any true – sensible contributing guests. At least half of them were spammers.

    So the moaners have had their say.  If they don’t like it…..they can form their own moaning chatroom etc etc etc




    JC has done EXACTLY the right thing by banning guests. The regular spamming guests brought it on themselves by spamming and spewing bile behind anonymity and pissing off the hosts.  Their puerile behaviour caused this change to happen. And those spammers who have converted to members need to sharpen up their act as members otherwise they will face the same censure.

    Well done JC !





    One more thing. JC isn’t a room of 200 chatters like it used to be…it’s only ever been a couple of dozen at best in recent times.. That makes for a decent quantity of chatters and good debate.

    and no vile spam




    anyone seen Klopp :unsure:





Viewing 10 posts - 21 through 30 (of 48 total)

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