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    Just my opinion but no 1 has got to be ppl talking about the weather I never ever mention names as you know.

    But kiwi do you really think I or we care about the climate in nz

    H is a bigger culprit he’s from essex yet he still gives us daily weather reports but ok he is probably the most boring man on the planet but at least he posts and belle bless her tells us about tornado warnings in Colorado l really do not give a fck about ppl that live miles away from telling me 17÷ here

    Just fck off

    My solution  would be that chat guides post more yes I  know Rosie did a thread wishing us all the best No reply from me cos it’s just patronising bollox do your job or fck off

    That quiz thingy person to easy manipulated creeps to the crowd who are all asking elixir

    The answer to her question as she types you know the one I mean the runaway leader but sh gd don’t know

    Ellie do you know what I quite like her but she’s a waste of space as a guide nice but completly formless

    So I think it’s time for a change

    Out with the old in with the new. So I propose me and a cupla of me mates be guides and get this place buzzing again

    What you reckon?


    lol lol would be mayhem like there was before except even worse.  as   what they use to do in here your old cronies would be back in here cosy causing ppl to quit. Hate to think of the out come.


    How dare you diss my love H!!

    Its a shame chat is dying, I loved it back in the day. I will whatsapp Martin, brainstorm a solution  B-)

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    Why chat dying…

    I recall this site was first I ever used as going to visit and wanted to be familiar with UK some what. I never used any other places including chats.

    When first came in late in early morning, made an error on something and literally begged for assistance to get corrected from Martin and it never happened. I begged for help as a newbie.

    Many of the mods were very nice I really had no issues. Volunteering for immaturity by some, their efforts where at a volunteered basis at times challenging. I do thank them for their efforts.

    I never liked test ever however GD service for years of weekly dedication should never be forgotten as i stll do quiz here. She is a fantastic woman, she makes us all laugh, she is fair and honest. So stfu cosy as ur childest behavior interfered.

    I also was spammed and microsoft shut me down. That was expense i never forget.

    To get people come back u ban those who continually abuse others. Mentioning no names.

    I miss this site and many I found frienship with.

    Kenty u have always been a straight shooter. Ty for ur support and some times when we tango. I miss few terribly who died as we did chat on phone often. Miss cleared, mr. H, kiwi a o.k. i dont miss the nasty debates warhol so forth.

    Want to make me a mod? Lol.

    Be well all. Xx


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    I agree over all what linda had to say All chat sites have there ups n downs. Certain ppl like to try and run the show, bye bullying throwing there weight around but i guess that’s to be expected with room full of personalities. People  and former regs usually come back to jc to hopefully create more pleasant room to chat into. Yes id vote for you to come mod linda :good:


    Thank you kiwi for ur vote of confidence.

    When I think of my journey on internet chatting J.C. will always be my memory as first time.

    Like many u have up and down times. Laughter is one in which I enjoyed with many folks here. Learning new knowledge of cultures, food, sites to see, what to do, what to look forward to has had a rich experience.

    I have also learned more about severe heart break, snake charmers, dishonesty and habitual liars. These were lessons always aware of in reality, but exposed more so personally here, as reality boundaries were built in my real world. New knowledge and lessons learned daily. Never to old to learn. Right? No matter how old u get new challenges surface.

    I do hope this site can have one day another jump start so needed.

    It takes dedication and good support network of chatters to pull it back together.


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    Linda a mod gulps

    Well why not?but seriously I know I slag ppl off but I don’t mean it I just trying to provoke reactions to get ppl to post and best way to do that is mention that


    Altho I do remember when Maria. S camel blue and me were writing the jc mag we didn’t use real names but everybody knew who we meant.

    So I’m sorry for any offence or bad language.





    Like fck :mail:


    Little late now jolly saying sorry to all.

    Insulting people to get a reaction in my book is nasty and cruel. It harm to some, not entertainment for pleasure for ur needs.

    It New Year coming in..May enlighten folks if u change ur tune. Till then I am not convinced nor do I need to be by your banter. Ty

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    Gulps too


    Well I don’t think I am nasty or cruel tbh I just say it as I see it.

    And if it upsets anybody tough I might actually be helping ppl to sharpen up their act.

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