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    Happy New Year All.

    I do come in, no one here but phil when i visit.

    Think all chat sites have their issues tbh but the lack of support of upper management shows absolutely no interests here.

    Truly want chatters they rethink how to make things better. I enjoyed my time here with many.

    Of course we all had debates and differences of opinions. But sadly some slime balls made it their place of entertainment with continual insults. Noted again against Just H. A nice chatter.

    Kenty hope u well. Xx

    Somers miss u as well . Xx

    Happy and healthy New Year to Just H. Kenty, Sommer and Kiwi and Phil.

    I need to get a hold of a dear friend as well as communication connection has been off in times. Giggles. I catch up to that woman soon.

    Quiz restart is January 7th I believe. Come back in and support our lovely GD. Several of us still have a great time with her.

    Take care


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    Who’s Phil?


    I got an idea I’m talking to reedy

    Worrabout an amnesty where guests come back but on the proviso they behave themselves and if they don’t you got their I p last chance saloon job what you reckon?

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    Oops sorry it’s my thread I forgot nobody replies

    As you were bye.


Viewing 4 posts - 21 through 24 (of 24 total)

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