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    I will ask you one question merlin

    why when you knew I was not lying about my late miscarriage and about giving birth to a dead baby did you tell everyone I was lying when I wasn’t?

    why did you tell everyone I was a liar when I wasn’t?

    why have you hated me the second  I went into jc?

    why have you always disliked me?

    why have you disliked me from the very beginning?

    why when I have tried to be your friend you have still been nasty to me?

    You know full well I didn’t lie about losing those babies so why have  I been in chat watching you type nasty crap about me?

    Any troll that comes in you say oh that’s mizzy.

    why do you do that?

    you are so nice to me when your ‘friends’ are not in then you are so nasty to me when they are.

    Merlin ive defended you, but you seek any opportunity to put me down. That is your issue.

    could you just stop putting me down?



    Seriously !!!!



    Looks like someones been on the sauce again. Put more water with it Mizzy


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    Under the freedom of information act, I`d like JC to provide an administrative / admin contact so I can produce  the requests ( for public info) and not conflict on GDPR ( privacy etc)


    I have tried the usual channels.

    Who is in charge?






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    F.O.I.L. lol . Having difficulty..


    Research, you Ruthless..? you smart you told all.


    29.5 lol :yahoo:



    “mods”/”admins”/ et all. You might consider updating TOC`s and mantra to reflect the lame changes you made.

    Its very messy, its almost like a panic reaction to a mini skirt in the 1940s



    btw Linda did u have a point or was it random lotto words which light up green?



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    Hee hee tango bucket cauliflower cheese 22.5 minutes til lift off.


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 38 total)

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