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    We’re just been going through a lean spell  B-)



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    I’ll send a food parcel…  :good:


    Good Win against Chelsea  :good:


    Birmingham city 0 Bristol city 1

    If the result didn’t make me happy enough I saw thin ice in the home end and he was wearing lime green cords moccasins, pretty sure they were clarkes, and topped off with a fleece with a wolf on the back.


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    ” Ho Ho Mo ” 😂

    Nevermind sweet pea, you played well, a good job we weren’t at our best eh 😉

    🎶 well we’re sittin’ on top of the treeeee …… 🎶



    Early days sweet pea. I’m sure  you’ll be up there….. Above Man U.  Gett Innnn   Yayyyy !! 🍻🍾🎈🎉🎁🎤🎸    Parrtteeyyy,yyyy!!  Enjoy. I’m away ta bed lol. Night xx.


    me gloat ???!  As if !!!! Tskk.  Banter innit 😉✌️😉


    Out of the cup you go Moosey … t’ra :bye:


    yup and deservedly so. I was working, only caught bits on the radio, after match analysis all said you played excellently and I had a dodgy feeling about the match beforehand. Klopp not as keen to win put out an experimental side, never the less they played badly and you played really well so credit where its due. interesting to see how good the young 16 yr old dutch lad played, very good from what Ive heard, which is good for future. :yes:   :yes:

    *wanders off muttering’ god that was hard’*


Viewing 8 posts - 41 through 48 (of 48 total)

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