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    When people betray my trust I chop them into bits put them in a bin liner, and bung them in the wheelie bin.

    Dennis Nielsen

    John Reginald Christie

    Dr Hannibal Lecter


    I can not trust people totally sadly, even my so called friends.



    I give people a chance and if they betray me I never ever feel the same way about them ever again.

    If its trust over something not that important I just move on and am civil to them, but if they betray me on a very personal level then I can simply forget they exist and sever all feelings and attachment.

    They are simply dead to me.

    Most only get one chance with me, some get two, fortunately I am lucky in that I can see right through most people and assess whether I will let them get to know me or not, or just get the full of bollox version.

    I think most people do this, I am just the same as everyone else.




    Does the wheelie bin have wheels Sarah?….LMAO


    In case any one’s wondering……i blend humor and seriousness in my conversation or conversations…..i think that’s where the term Black Comedy comes from……

Viewing 5 posts - 11 through 15 (of 15 total)

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