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    Suggestions in bullet-point format cause thats the way kenty likes it:

    • kick em all out if they don’t have a name
    • make it free to register for traceability
    • limit the amount of accounts someone can have or can apply for in a year either from IP or email address or cross referencing from other forms of ID
    • do verification checks in the background for new joiners
    • change the code in the background to stop people being able to abuse/spam by bypassing the system
    • maybe the spammer or abuser is competition for this site and trying to close it down?

    other than that, enjoy your life, its way too short to spend all your useful hours spamming a chat room!

    Mids  B-)   :mail:

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    Someone mentioned this discussion thread in chat to me, ‘Brexit the Movie’ on YouTube is a must watch for anyone considering voting on the 23rd.

    Not sure if you’re allowed to put links in here, but here goes –

    Good luck with your decision :good:

    I forgot to mention, its been banned from being aired on terrestrial television.


    I normally never post; but this post, an incident earlier in the week and falling out with a friend has prompted me to write.

    Albeit when Kenty wasn’t in the room, I tongue-in-cheek mentioned to NS that Kenty should be made a guide in the room and got told she’d never become one as long as there was a hole in her arse and that I had my head so far up Kenty’s arse that she was surprised I’d noticed anything at all. Not word for word, but the essence of the conversation – so apologies if someones copied the transcript and has it to hand.

    In my opinion, if this chatsite is to survive and flourish going forwards as I’m sure the intent is, a level of professionalism needs to be nurtured by those in control of it. Sadly for them, this means being detached from the day-to-day goings on in the rooms, since it is an adult chatsite and all different types of people will frequent it, but promoting a level of supervision as to make it a safe and comfortable environment for all types of users, irrespective of their backgrounds, social status, etc.

    I’m sorry I had to mention names, but I was pressed for the name of the guide and I’d rather it came from me as opposed to a 3rd person, hence this post.

    The intent of this post is not to fuel a fire, but to spark some changes which will help both the users and those running the site to further their cause in prompting more users to join JC.

    Thanks, Mids

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)