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    Ok guys good news bad news here often the case I no. Bad news first this my be my last post due to the good news that martin reeds best friend Ge will be the new guide.Id like to point out these are ges words.He has been warning me and 4 others in chat n 2 weeks we will be no more.Facist like  behaviour if I ever saw it on to the interview ge kindly let me interviewhim about his life his jobs his carbon footprint that’s he left behind on other less reputable sites

    Me good morning ge thanks for letting me interview you I know you are going to be honest and frank ge. Id like to start with butlins ge you left in somewhat dark circumstances you wrestled a man to the floor in the dining room for suggestons he made on cress? comment on that milkman

    Me. Ok ge that’s fine you left your red coat dutys to become a brick layer how was it?

    Ge. A better question again milky brings back bad memories these animals I had to work with drank smoked swore wolf whistled at women disgusting no doubt you would be in your element with these uneducated fools

    ME. Ha ha good one ge did you impress the guys with your 3 inch unicorn tattoo and prison storys? good way to impress a bunch of guys id wager all joking aside ge what was the most amount of bricks  laid in one day?

    Ge I built the gorballs housing estate Glasgow in 2 days

    Me You nervous about your new job as a guide Gerry?

    Ge no I’m well liked respected by all I was headhunted tough job milky someone got to do it

    Me a great choice good fit ok ge whats your line of work now?

    Ge highly secretive and cress related

    Me your a busybod mean guy ge thanks for your time I’m sure we can rely upon you to be fair in your new dutys congrats ge from the nightshift

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    If this is the case , I’m out as well.. why would anyone use a chatsite when they can be banned at a whim from someone they don’t get on with? At least it will free up time to do other things so Martin may as well make morg and blossom chat guides completing the link of horror so we can all fck off elsewhere without big brother watching us 24/7.

    Most use JC as a form of escapism, not adhering to personal preferences of someone as a guide with too much time on their hands banning/censoring people… not the kind of environment I’m interested in I’m afraid. Loads of regs have been banned on here , some unfairly and if this is the road we are going down then time to call it a day.


    oh dear if tis is true I might as well pack my bags now,ge hates me and so do the other prospective guides ive heard  being bandied about on the rumour mill

    problem is im a bit marmite me liked by some

    and detested by some in equal measures

    alas the people who do like me have got about as much chance of being a guide as ………………………………………………well er me

    so it looks like the final curtain

    so for me and my fellow compadres no more controversial tongue in cheek threads/posts

    but on a brighter note more recipes pets whats your favourite colour wallpaper and people putting on music disrupting the flow of chat(I don’t know why they do that theres a perfectly good music bit upstairs) will be in abundance

    chat isn’t all about im going shopping,what youre having for your tea,what breed your dog is,how many cats you’ve got,my grans coming over to stop with us next week etc

    its about diversity.


    oh and ps  if and when a guide bans somebody,do they have to tell martin why they’ve been banned

    or can they just do it willy nilly?


    but on a brighter note more recipes pets whats your favourite colour wallpaper and people putting on music disrupting the flow of chat(I don’t know why they do that theres a perfectly good music bit upstairs) will be in abundance

    Cause we can chat and listen to music,Simples innit :unsure:


    I doubt very much that Martin would ever make GE a guide.

    I understand drinkers as I am one, I am able to go days/weeks without a wee dram (or bottle), certainly long enough to be a guide for a few hours a week, as for GE?  Doubtful he could.

    Last night was another example of his abusive rantings and he takes a lot longer to pass out with a microwave cheeseburger than most, myself included.

    Saying insulting things followed by a smiley face I’m sure does not fit the criteria for a good guide.

    We can all surely imagine how difficult it must be trying to choose unbiased, fair, understanding guides.

    Quite sure GE was on a wind up.

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    god i wish google translate, did two types of voices with the q&a, also how does one know if they are a mod or not a mod, also i think GE is a kind chatter well i hope or u know where they will go, i hope it is a long consistent kindness, also about mods, from my exp in other chat rooms, it seems there can be many mods that really should not be mods, like them school teachers or t.a, or just any type of person who has controll like a ceo or manager etc, but anyway i was just moaning as i am a right pessimsistic bast.

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    Ge also bated me to post about him on another site last night he claimed I wasn’t a member I kid you not theres a thread there 91 pages long about his drunken behaviour!

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    One of the worst psychopaths keeping it on thread title is some sad act with a sickly name of hugs and kisses that spends all day doing what its name suggests.. hard to tell if the chatter is male/ female or animal but earlier it was stating to me in pm to ignore the guest trolling but then decides to post logs of it on a public message board giving it even more attention. It’s this type of mentally deranged behaviour these characters are oblivious to and the most worrying part of it they are too daft to realise how silly they are.

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    Has Dixie not been on to defend me yet? I must say I am a bit disappointed, a thread clearly breaking the site rules with personal abuse and the champion of the underdog is nowhere to be seen.


    *smiley face*

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