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    Come on,

    Are there any tRumpers left out there in JC world? Any Pootin’s arse-licking disciples still think dictatorship is better than democracy? Anyone still believe that Qanon shite?  Anyone think Ukraine is a hoax?

    We’re wasting time telling you you’ve been brainwashed.

    Just go away and die will you….just fucking die.



    do you practice being boring or does it come naturally 🤔

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    Afraid or incapable of discussing the real world issues of today tartan or do you just prefer to chat about mindless inane drivel?


    Ignore Tartanbabe C.A.W. Or as we call them WeeMorg. They are a pair of Trumps. Or as we say in the UK a pair of FARTS. 😂🤣😂

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    tRump: ‘Putin is smart’

    Biden: ‘Putin is a butcher’

    Watch the videos of dead Ukrainian children and decide who’s right.


    i really feel like i have to voice my opinion here and i never discuss politics

    but andys getting on my t!its about his incessant juvenile tirade about trump

    we dont give a fck andy mate any chance you can do a thread without mentioning trump you boring one dysfuntional mind numbing infantile stupid [email protected] we want a topic we can get our teeth into and debate about it

    but no you cant do that can you i fckn really hate you me youre a fckn prize dik fck off.


    Doris can fook off to with his enept dirty laundry millions pounds donated from the his torie party .Whats doris going to do with all that red dirty laundry?






    So boy rodge doesn’t think threats of chemical weapons and nuclear war, bombing of civilian masses, taking the world closer to the abyss more than at anytime since the second world war, the polarisation of east versus west, none of that isn’t enough to get his teeth into?

    Perhaps boy rodge hasn’t got anything to say about anything – apart from the normal insults to other chatters.


    Come on boy rodge. Surely you have an opinion about something……anything?





    ok whilst i admit i went a bit over the top with you andy sorry for calling you a dickhead or whatever i said,i was just trying  to say,change the record about trump,hes inconsequential now,hes last weeks fish and chips wrapper/can you not think of a juicy interesting topic,so we can all suk at the core of the apple

    and give you our opinions instead of you piping on about trump all the time?

    its not allabout you man,thats about it really bye.




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