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    Oh, I’m certainly not a fan of Piers Morgan and even though he made tRump sweat a bit with some real questions and real facts, I guess it takes one twat to interview another twat.



    The CUNT list

    Ukraine Lend Lease Act – Final vote: 417-10

    Republican NAY votes: Andy Biggs (AZ) Paul Gosar (AZ) Scott Perry (PA) Matt Gaetz (FL) Tom Massie (KY) Ralph Norman (SC) Tom Tiffany of (WI) Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA) Dan Bishop (NC) Warren Davidson (OH)


    But that is democracy – in a free country, you’re allowed to be a CUNT



    The objective, unbiasness of fOX


    Sean Hannity mocked after leaked texts suggest he took orders from Trump  White House | The Independent


    Now that tRump has all but disappeared into a paragraph of history, I feel his so-called supporters in Congress still soiling the Capitol toilets need to be brought into the conversation.

    marge green is the star of the brat pack. This pug-faced little gnome is an evil piece of work and called for lardy arse to impose martial law in her text to the tRump white house just before the attempted insurrection.

    Thing is, manic marge called for ‘marshall’ law………

    She really does need to go back to her toilet cleaning job and make a real contribution.

    (1) Marjorie Taylor Greene dodges Acosta’s questions in street interview – YouTube



Viewing 4 posts - 121 through 124 (of 124 total)

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