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    Take much of ur horse shit kiwi but… want to discuss Cinton b.s. and let us not forget HUNTER BIDEN son of a sitting President..when will they wear orange jumpsuits, eh? Laptop exposure..son under investigation and I.r.s. issues…oh what about all the money made in coverup.

    Look at your polls now sir…

    Over 70 percent of Americans said if knew that would not have picked him for President. Little too late. We got stuck with a senile old man and others tell him what to say or do.

    Stick that in your morning porridge sir and vitamin chews.

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    hmmm linda perhaps more they should look at his daughter husband lap top suppose to be dirty dealings going on with the head fella of saudi kingdom linda uknown the head fella suppose to given the orders for that journalist to be chopped up Polls still wont alter the fact that the orange one faces over dozen law suites now does it linda.So everyday the orange jump suite gets closer fit for the orange fake tan one  just matter of time now linda and rest of his rotton family will find the orange jump suite a perfect fit as well to kee :yes: p the fake tan one company. so hope that sticks in your morning porridge linda.


    Kiwi darlin ur statements are to me like pouring slow maple syrup. Long and thick pour.

    Repetitive and so selective in what you decide on..take a picture of the whole if you can get out of your mind box and smell truth, lies and cover up.

    You pancake.


    lol lies n truth bunker boy wouldnt known truth if he fell over it.Time n time again hes been court out telling his usual bs even his idols are tireing of him.Just look at his so called raillies they getting smaller  each time so called bs rally he decides to hold.Take of your trump rose tinted glasses linda smell the coffee trumps bs you been taken for a ride to no where if you continue to have faith in his bs. You talk about me being repeative whats your idol have to say over the years any thing new except fake news that hes got done out being president .He just cant hack being looser and his  big ego taken tumble.


    When we Brits exchange words over our PM……its ususally simple and the fact hes a bafoon

    I love the passion the Americans have over theirs  :yes:



    While puds lad and linda stick their heads in barrels of oil, here’s a nice article that describes tRumps real ‘achievements’

    The Trump administration’s War on Renewable Energy has Cost the Industry 600,000 Jobs | by CAP Action | Medium

    puds and linda will undoubtedly label this as ‘libtard’ media and all fake news. I guess they just want to live in the past, typical of all tRumpers. What a sad way to live, praising the past and moaning about the present. Even worse, hoping for a tRumpian future that will never happen.

    Such sad people. Still, its their choice.

    :yahoo: :yahoo:   :yahoo:





    You see, tRump only wanted to appeal to the fossil fuel workers so he could get their votes. He wasn’t interested in saving the planet – he was only driven to keep his lardy fat arse behind the White House desk. His only view on the future was the next 18 holes.





    Trump US coal industry


    tRump digs coal like he walks down to the Capitol – I guess we’ll call that another ‘shortcoming’.




    I’ve been trying to get puds view on what his idol tRump would do differently in Ukraine.

    puds doesn’t seem to have a view, so I’ve got it from the horse’s mouth.

    Trump ‘would handle Putin & Ukraine war differently’ he tells Piers Morgan – YouTube


    ‘We’d have problems’


    Oooooooooooooooooo……..i’m soooooo scared.



    I guess that makes either Piers Morgan or you the horse’s azz.  If you’re listening to Piers Morgan, then definitely it’s you.

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