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    Trump told an audience in Florida: “I never understood wind. You know, I know windmills very much. I’ve studied it better than anybody. They’re noisy. They kill the birds. You want to see a bird graveyard?”

    A 2013 study estimated free-ranging domestic cats kill between 1.3 and 4 billion birds – on top of between 6.2 and 22.3 billion mammals – every year in the United States alone, the majority by feral or unowned cats.

    tRump is a fucking lying lardy-arsed  egomaniac and you believe every word you sick deluded tRumpess.

    Hey Linda, are you as ugly as your pig-faced little friend?



    “tRump is a fucking lying lardy-arsed  egomaniac ”

    Assuming that’s true, I would gladly put up with all of those shortcomings because of his policies and achievements.  I don’t need you to accept that, or change your opinion.  Your hate is costing you, personally, but some people feel they need to hate, or they just can’t help themselves.

    Hate is bad, andy.  Recognize that someday.


    hmmmm perhaps trump should be honest about his tax affairs instead of trying  to hide them of every which way he can. Puds have you been takeing your bleach like your  failed leader of the looser sort advised?And what about your country highest death rate of covid due to trump neglect and prefureing he rather play loads of golf while amercians were gasping there last breath due to his failed concerns of the high covid death rates. His acompilshments leave very much desired. hes still the worlds laughing stock due to every thing he touches fails.


    Another county heard from…

    zzzzzzzzz zzz zz zzzzz zzzzzzz



    Puds is cute. So am I. Try harder love


    puds hatred of liberals will be with him all his life. My hatred of tRump is fading fast as he becomes a dusty piece of political tumbleweed.

    …soon..the concept of trumpism will be…as meaningless as the turd that won’t flush away.



    Add “delusional” to your list of conditions.


    The last year of his term turned out to be a complete disaster, so I hope he doesnt run again.


    The last year of his presidency saw development of a covid vaccine in the US in record time because he removed every possible barrier from delaying the process.  Not exactly a disaster.  He brokered multiple peace agreements between Israel and Arab countries (which the libtard media tried to ignore), and more were set to follow in his second term.  Far from a disaster.  Our economy was in record territory.  We were the largest oil producer on the planet.  And for entire time year, he was fighting a purely political impeachment, a biased media and lying leadership in the CIA and FBI.

    And now the truth is coming out.  There will be a reckoning in 6.5 months. The disaster is what will happen to the lunatic left this November.  Their war on testicles and energy is coming to a grinding halt.


    The truth is comeing about his taxes all right.could land him in his orange jump suite go with his orange fake tan.Let alone dozen or more ;law suites lined up against him.He wont have time to go and run for president he be to busey fending of mountain law suites hes up against.Ill crack open bottle champers when he and his rotton clan  of a family all in matching jump suites.

Viewing 10 posts - 101 through 110 (of 124 total)

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