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    We’re going to war,we’re going to war,we’re going to war” as the Marx Brothers sang in Duck Soup.

    Or maybe we are??

    It depends on the USA. As Corbyn has rightly argued, Britain will follow whatever Trump orders.

    Diplomatic activity seems best, but Tornadoes and nuclear subs armed with the accurate Tomahawk missiles) are ready; the testosterone is up, yee hiii!

    Russia has warned of military retaliation, some speaking of sinking an  aircraft carrier if Russians are hit. No independent inspection of a chemical attack has taken place in a country notorious for vicious killings and provocations.

    If Russia takes out a British airfield or aircraft or sub, then would Trump attack Russia? No Americans will have been killed. If he doesn’t, then there’ll be hell to pay in this country, as many will ask what we’re doing attacking Russia when we can’t defend ourselves; only 22% of Brits support military action on this issue.. If Trump does strike back, then it will be very interesting, and get ready to hide by sticking your ‘ead in a bucket and praying.

    What a sick mess. If chemical warfare has been used by Assad- which I am inclined to believe



    idk much about politics and wars but i think as the uk gov get are forces to help other country/s fight some war what is i think not related to us, i think that is one reason why the uk get bloody terrorists in London a lot or and whereever in the uk, like kills and bombs etc, i mean if i am right it cud be revenge from the country/s we have attacked, i dont agee with war but i mean if we have greedy dumb crazy social/phycopaths as government leaders, should we be shocked why there is corruption in are govs and or war, or just riots, i think it will get worse for the uk i blv we cud get to a situation where people become fed up with the bs from govs or and companys, it wud make a large amount of people start riots or and even wars, and i blv they will win as i mean obv if it is a super large amount of people vs the olygarchy and other groups in the uk, the it will be like that country idk if i am correct or not but i think Libya or and Syria did or and  still are attacking there own gov and forces and are winning, i am not shocked it if it real, as i mean it reminds me of a video i seen when the common people get controll of the corruption related to work and cash – i blv also the uk cud get to many people like china and no cash like Greece, in the future so i blv there will be a lot of bs happening like riots and or civil wars, in the uk and other countrys.

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    The last time Russia shot down an American aircraft was 1970, and it was an unarmed Beechcraft puddle jumper.  We are not going to war, and neither is Russia.  Russia will accomplish its goals of expanding its influence without being dragged into a war with western powers.  Honestly folks, look at all of the fist-shaking that has gone on between Russia and the West over the last 70+ years.  This is nothing new, OR troubling.  Focus on Assad, not Putin.

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    War is only hot or cold…..cold if your spying and giving information or hot if your in it doing the physical or mental damage…..East and West will always be a war til it’s won…but what about North fighting South?


    Thanks for Putin in your comment Puds…i will deliberate over it…LOLOLOL


    Only a matter of time before war breaks out somewhere , the human race has been killing each other since time began.. whats new?

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    Cant you just laugh to yourself in a strapped up baby chair somewhere away from here instead of spamming the board daily with your sh1te?

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    I do tend to not like to respond to these threads as ones opinions and ideas can be crushed in expressing.

    However, Puds makes excellent points about input on Russia and war. We here in U.S. have been challenged many times over many years with each other U.S.A./Russia.. power struggle, authority so forth. But I too as well as others worry much more about Assad.

    Rudeboy also makes excellent points…

    Since beginning of time, reading history, war has always been a means to gain more wealth and power..control….sadly so true.

    War I also use as a weapon sadly to clean out over burden population of people..


    Linda and Puds,

    too simple to just focus on Assad.

    The reason that he wasn’t overthrown in the Arab Spring of 2011 (anyone remember that?) is to do with the fact that a mini world war is already taking place in Syria. I doubt a world war will break out, but the Syrians have moved their air force into Russian bases to avoid attack. The Russians and Iranians are so thick on te ground it will be be hard to avoid them.

    Russia didn’t retaliate the last time trump struck last year – this time they say they will retaliate.

    Obama and the UK were defeated when Russia moved in en masse. Iran is an even bigger presence. .The US and UK have supported opposition groups whihc include al quaeda and other jihadis. ISIS has been very powerful in Syria but the Kurds and the Iranians have all but defeated it. Turkey has moved in to fight the Kurds. Iran and its Lebanese ally Hizbollah are winning using Assad. Israel has bombed the Iranians there.  The UK wants Assad out and the coalition of national unity in – somehow without tangling with the Russians and Iran. Trump wavers between bombing Assad and pulling out altogether.

    In short, it is one sick mess. A mini-world war in one country.


    If a war between Russia and the US and its lickspittle ally the UK breaks out, it will be like the First World War – almost an accident waiting to happen.

    Let’s just hope they’re ultra-careful (which will achieve nothing) because any military strike on Syria will accomplish sweet fa unless it leads to a major international crisis.


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