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    I am sure that most men will disregard my thread as boring and totally not interesting so I am really talking to the females here.

    I took my daughter to a well known ladies underwear outlet that measures you as part as her birthday present (yes I did treat her to other things bla bla) as shes had a child and we as women all know that having babies changes your body and I realised (well ive known for ages and ignored it) that I myself have not been measured for a long time.  My daughter is very slim and pretty unlike me so I let her go first as I was quite nervous about getting my fat dumplings out (I am 43 and quite chubby I am sure some of you will relate) and besides I was looking after Mr grumpy as he was whingey and needed a bottle and some cheesy wotsits) anyway so she got measured.  Then it was my turn,  I stood there in the cubicle feeling all half naked in me asdas bra til a very slim young foreign bird came in to measure my proper oversized wobblers (ground swallow me, why aren’t I size zero and 20 years younger with no lines on my forehead and a child ravaged blobby bod, and why did I wear this dress anyway ive had to pull it down) Anyway, she then said to me with a polish or whatever it was  accent ‘I am so sorry darlink we hav nuffing in dis store for you, we only go up to ddd (with apparently is an e cup)

    Anyway I left feeling uglier and fatter than I usually do when going clothes shopping and with the total disbelief that their sizes are at all accurate.

    I wont  say the name of  the underwear shop (Victoria secret now renamed by myself and my daughter the ‘women who have no tits shop’)

    So now I am stuck with their ‘evaluation’ of my boobage which  doesn’t suit me one bit as I know that even if I lost 5 million stones id lose it everywhere apart from my boobs and my legs are already too slim to hold my fat body up.  I don’t even wear anything other than black cos they are far too visable and the only reason I wear low cut tops is too take the attention away from my stomach.  Anyway has anyone else felt bad after being measured in a bra shop? can anyone else relate to me? Can someone reassure me that their measurements are crap and not accurate at all?  Can any of you women tell me that marks and spencers and asdas know better? I’m kinda bulging out of my bra right now but come on who wants to admit to being a G cup when they can just about fit into a C?



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    God love you…Mizzy.. what need..not a busty woman however, I need support as going to this type of place myself told ahh, you have a handful and half. Said what.. as getting older some, honestly think shrinking some too…ha ha.

    But absolutely love the firm sports bras. Lift you up, tuck in and give some nice cleavage. Soft as well. No wires, expandable as well. Have room to grow and shrink make sense. Wear to bed too some times. Hear about boobs sagging when we get older.. hell no, not me ever…..hee hee..
    Good luck…..

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    I got kids.. I would never EVER..


    go on then.. pretend to Linda YA care.. she will latch right onto ya as she did Scep and Mr q….




    god I’m let down..


    och. I only come on here, for the likes o a couple o folks.. LINDA NOT included.. I gotta keep telling her this.. as she insists.


    mizzy I included you..



    not to worry..




    MY daughter is beautiful. I just don’t feel the Patter of making sure folks know her Bra size.. My son is handsome with perfect etiquette.. deep down they are like twins, with different tales to tell.   you shock me ladies !




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    common, tedious ,banal and blasé.. and THATS only the BOYS :)


    As you know I’m getting married so for the style of my dress I recently went to get my bust measured, ( like you hadn’t in a while ) and like most women I’ve been wearing the wrong size bra … from wearing a  40 F I’m actually a 38 H  :wacko:

    but I’ve found a fantastic shop for pretty bras not horrible granny bras … I like nice underwear 😃… try bravissimo Mizzy , really pretty underwear for us big booked ladies

    embrace yr curves 😃

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    Thank you Laney xxx  I will try them online, save me trying to fit one over me clothes in asda whilst still in the little hanger (am I the only person who has ever done this???) lol.  Sometimes I think its better when I don’t know how large me bits are.  I am able to squish into a 38 C and I am considering ignoring silly bras for women with no boobies shops assessment that I am a 40 G.  You are right some of the bras are horrid, great huge granny ones (I am a granny though pml, don’t want a bra like one though lol)  I hope they can lift them off the floor whilst making them look nice.  Or, I could stop using cream in my curries and stews, not have wine or vodka and diet coke and lose some bloody weight.  I was on the no carb diet at home and was doing well, but as soon as I came  back to London for a week  I’m back on the macdonalds chips and kfc chicken.  Last night I shovelled in large fries whilst I waited at the bus stop with me mums shopping, I nearly ate the cardboard container it was in too.  A few years ago I lost 5 stone and when I’m at home I often don’t eat much, something about London seems to bring out the greedy bastard in me.  I either eat too much or eat bugger all.  I’m going home today and will go straight back on me diet.  Boobs are always the last thing to go anyways, if my legs get any slimmer I will definitely start falling on my face  (more often).  I have no idea how they manage to hold my fat barrel body up.  I am a freak of nature.


    oh and ruby?????  I never mentioned my daughters size???? why would I??? that is my daughters business.  Please re-read and acknowledge I never mentioned my daughters size.   I quite like you, youre funny and interesting and quite naughty which I like as boring people do not get my attention.  I don’t mind you commenting on my thread ruby but don’t be a prat on it. Thanks.  And I noticed suzy ‘liked’ your ridiculously stupid comment too.  Another prat.


    Great to see you miz and laney.

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    Always good to hear from you mister xx

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