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    Now, not to disrupt the offered thread started,


    Interesting measured my own after early morning shower to find size. As mention use sports bras these can act for few extended sizes. Meaning (us size) if I wear a 38, a, b,c, cups think reflect more my need not so necessarily cup, but Need so more to go around to fit and wear appropriately. Make sense. Under arms width… still say try sports bras. Comfortable, inexpensive. Don’t have to buy specific name, local, clothing store. Sears, kmart, Walmart. Do not know what you have for stores. And started my own daughter on these with her. Felt better as she felt swimming top. And my niece who had first baby the other day using for first time sport bras. Breast sore/hurt now. Breast feeding said hurt much. Oh great Aunt..yippy.. no grandmother hope not for several more years. Hee hee…


    Geezs oops, did not really offer my size, was working between sizes..hee. example used.. but the fact can buy 38 size but it can also fit 40. Oops…actually I like simple size measurements.

    Petite, small, medium, large and Xtra large…never a problem…

    Hee hee..


    a sports bra would be no good for me, Id be jiggling about all over the shop.  I need to keep them under control.


    as a man, I am naturally totally uninterested in this thread.


    The sight of a lady jiggling about all over the shop would arouse nothing but concern for her comfort :whistle:


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    Ha ha ha scep…..

    As a man, would know thread like this would never interest you..

    And as far as discomfort for a woman in this position your manly kindness is very much appreciated. We ladies like firm and tuck so to speak….

    And on a male note, when go out with my older nephews close to 30, shopping..they always ask this Aunty, my opinion on fitting style of clothing…we have love for each other, could never explain, and they come to me always to go shopping and look at swim wear. Ask me about tuck and fit, appeal and fitness making sure they do not jingle about either… God love you, came out of that box of yours slighty……

    Hope this explanation is a fun one for you from me for a change….

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    P.s. scep..

    I am the youngest with family members. My niece and nephews were with me from birth always together, functions. Shopping started for us in teen years. Think cause was youngest, thought hee I was so cool. I did not have my child till 35… now they laugh at me say slowly catching up to their parents hee hee..but say still young and cool. Guess a plus for me. Right. Am truly blessed with them…


    While England is known for women having the largest bust-to-waist ratio on the planet (fact), there is no shortage of voluptuous women on this side of the Pond. As long as you know your true size, and I urge you all to get measured accurately and not simply rely on the tags of the bras that you currently wear, check out this site for the very best selection of bras and lingerie for those blessed with the plus-sized physique. But it is very important not to shop for the lowest price, which is a mistake made by many. If you love your body, or you would like to at least feel better about it, treat yourself to a quality sling. The difference is breathtaking. I have spent a small fortune on this site over the years, and their products have delivered smiles (not just to me) 100% of the time.

    Also, look for Ashley Stewart online (, and on, check out brands such as Elila, Comfort Choice, and Just My Size. And you can always contact me directly for more advice :heart:


    meh resident pervert commented on my thread.  Unhappy bunny.


    meh resident pervert commented on my thread. Unhappy bunny.

    Is that me??? :good:


    Surely not!! ;-)



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    try rigby and peller, im a 34GG and it is really difficult to get pretty bras with support. some look more like scaffolding (yuk!) failing that you could try ann summers for larger sizes ( i kid you not) and they do a measure service.

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