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    Things are heading in the direction of another referendum in many ways, though I’m still opposed to that – at the moment.

    I have learned not to underestimate Mrs May’s ability to slip out of a noose at the last moment, and the negotiations are likely to go on into the New Year, but her chances of surviving both her party and Westminster have become worser and worser since yesterday.


    Scep. Too funny. You allowed, as me. Lol…not perfect I am, remember. Xxx

    Oops I better be careful here..some may read and spanner my arse.

    Have nice day friend. I leave u to your politics. I see our truths coming out here on the good Mrs. Clinton and her teams. We got our own perhaps garbage going……. another Mrs. May.. heeeee?


    Well, I think the Clintons are both duplicitous if only from their need for survival.

    The conservatives hated them in the way that liberals hate Trump, whose honesty is far from certain, let’s put it..

    The conservatives manufactured Clinton’s impeachment on superficial grounds. If a president were impeachable for having an affair, or for lying about it, then a large number of revered Presidents come to mind (Kennedy being the most notorious but far from the only one).

    Too much shouting fake news every time someone makes a criticism atm, everywhere. Does nobody any good.

    The point is that Mrs may is not another Mrs Clinton.


    She’s becoming trapped, and quickly trapped. She still has a chance to pull things off, but it’s very slim now.


    I thought she was very clear in her statement today, making it clear to the EU and some in her own party, there will be NO new vote. She also was firm about them having to compromise as well. I don’t like the woman, but glad she was firm and stood her ground as the EU gave no explanation as to why they dismissed her proposals, it may be obvious why, but an explanation was called for, typical ignorant behaviour.


    Well, we know people can be treated badly, even brutally – we’ve seen that in jc – but that’s not what’s happening here.

    It’s not a conflict between personalities.

    It’s hard-nosed business dealing between political leaders defending their own interests. It’s hardly a shock that the EU should try to protect the republic of Ireland, who is part of the club, against the bigots of Northern Ireland’s anti-abortionist, anti-gay Democratic Unionist party, which is the tail wagging May when it comes to Irish negotiations.

    The EU playing hard-ball was expected all along. What shocked Theresa May and her advisers was that they played hardball now rather than in a month’s time, when it was expected. That’s how business deals go.

    For the first time, the BBC news site has been mentioning a new referendum as a distinct possibility. I’m against – at the moment – but it may become impossible to avoid a new referendum.

    God knows what’s going to happen. It’s exciting, but the consequences for us and our children and grandchildren are worrying, to say the least. These negotiations are about our ability to pay for our hospitals, schools etc.

    To me, the real blame lies with the right-wing liars like Boris Johnson who told the British people that leaving the EU was going to be really simple and we’ll all end up in the money. Hah!!


    we should join the USA and keep brussels for xmas dinner and stuff up the sphinx


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    If we do have a hard brexit of some sort – and that is perfectly possible –

    then your wish could well be granted.

    moving within the US trading sphere is probably the likeliest thing that we could do in a world of major trading blocs and emerging markets.

    But don’t expect the US to treat us any more kindly than they treat other dependencies, such as Puerto Rico.

    The US would certainly see it as sweet revenge for the time when the Brits bossed them around when they were colonies.


    Perhaps we could keep some European culture by renaming chlorinated chicken  as ‘poulet a chlorine’. That would show that we still have a show of independence.



    no the eu doesn’t need to comprimise it’s up to us to give them an acceptable offer not the other way round

    just like if i want a house with a jacuzzi it’s not upto person selling the house to install 1 before i’d buy it

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    Precisely, Paigey.


    Theresa may demands that the EU put other options to Checquers, but they already have.

    They said that if Britain wants the Canada option – the hard Brexit favoured by Rees Mogg – they can have a deal on that.

    If Britain wants the Norway option – the soft Brexit favoured by Labour – they can have that.

    They just can’t have the Chequers proposal.

    Mrs May is starting to bang the patriotic drums to gather the rah-rah brigade around  her against Johnny Foreigner, but they’ve not actually said anything new. Chequers is dead, one way or another. If it turns out not to be killed by the EU, she will have to be bloody clever to stop it being killed in Westminster.


    Do the Brexit

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