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    Sorry, I wasn’t referriong to you personally, QE.

    I meant that the British people are in deep trouble with the bollocks being made of brexit.

    I note that you resort to personal insult rather than answer the point made about terms of trade, rather than .

    I once taught Economics – I got it from basic economics textbooks.

    I have some blogs forced on me in my FB, but don’t follow blogs if I can help it,



    As for plan B, do you have a plan B incase a “storm” blows your house down killing you as you sleep etc etc?

    Actually, a less misleading image concerns someone who decided to burn down their house to rid himself of pesky neighbours, looking a a big Union Jack signifying a lovely house around the corner where you can live alone..I would want a Plan B, just in case the new place turns out to be a leaky shack, or even just a Union Jack.

    I am not saying that Brexit won’t be a success – just wondering what your plans are in case it turns out to be a failure.

    Just blithely leaving your house because somene is leading you up the garden path seems a pretty stupid way of livign your life if you don’t have an alternative.

    If it goes wrong – terribly wrong – and I do say IF – then I say rejoin the EU. It is perfectly possible, and they’d welcome as as an asset, but if you are so frightened of that then propose an alternative.

    Stop shying away from a basic common sense question.


    This is just from scep’s last post, above.

    just in case

    I am not saying that

    just wondering

    in case it turns out to be





    My Dad used to say to me, “You can’t run the world on ifs and buts




    ‘If Its and Buts Were Candy and Nuts, It Would Be Christmas Every Day’



    I wandered lonely as a cloud, as I wandered, I was wondering, if, and just in case of there being an in the event of with the ifs and buts, does that mean we might have to leave the EU? If, and I am not saying if we leave, in case it turns out to be an IF, and just in case, should I start worrying yet?


    SOP now u can visit beb


    MIST yes I understand, just people can be clever how they kill them, it will only work if people target the cnts not all types of people as that cud klll to many.


    Sorry, alfie,

    ifs and buts are seen as essential to rational debate*.

    They’re needed whenever the argument isn’t a Simple Simon argument.It’s needed  means an argument which isn’t a Simple Simon arguemnt.

    It’s made in this case because of people evading the simple question,  comes down to what’s your Plan B?

    And they still haven’t answered it.

    Burn your house and swan off isn’t a way of running the world rationally. My dad would  never do that. He had people to look after, and he took great care whenever a change is to be made.

    If someone like Arron banks appeared ready to sell him a car without an engine, he would always want to check things out. Like “what would happen if”..or *but what if I did this?”

    Careful man, my dad, but he had people to look after in a tricksy world full of swindlers like Banks. He had to be careful.


    * ifs and buts are used in counter-factual argument. Check it out.

    Mine is rejoin the EU if Brexit isn’t working – and it’s looking dodgy.

    What’s yours, Banks supporters?



    ifs and buts are seen as essential to rational debate*.

    by whom?

    The rationale is in the concrete, not the if.

    As soon as you bring ifs and buts into an argument, you raise doubt, and it is no longer watertight.

    What if so and so, well what if NOT so and so.

    That is not rational debate.

    I’m sure you can word your points in a more concrete way, and avoid the ifs and buts. But by doing so, a concrete argument is easier to rip apart and challenge, than a flimsy point built on a few ifs, buts and maybes.

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    You will note the above was worded in a matter of fact way. None, or few ifs, buts and maybes.

    It will be easy for you to start ripping into the above with counter arguments. Even I can do that.

    IF I had thrown more ifs, buts and maybes, I could wriggle out of your oncoming counter arguments by arguing, “Well I only said if

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