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    I don’t need to rely one anybody else, my property is more than sufficent to produce food and water for my family. My girlfriend even owns a horse should we need to travel.

    Errr you think  :yahoo:

    So….. your a farmer… veterinarian…doctor….water engineer… builder and more?

    Must be an isolated place  :scratch:

    Without law enforcement…….how long can you hold it for  :unsure:


    Cyber attacks are increasing: Tesco’s was hammer last month. Just think what would happen if there software engineers called in sick. No money, no food?

    If the virus doesn’t infect cyber criminals, maybe I should consider a career change then.

    You seem to think that a shop can’t exist without an internet connection.

    I’m pretty sure you are just trolling now.


    So….. your a farmer… veterinarian…doctor….water engineer… builder and more?

    I’m pretty sure that carrots don’t need vets or civil engineers to grow.

    Without law enforcement…….how long can you hold it for

    Do you think we are going back to the stone age or something?

    If things really got that bad then I can get access to firearms.


    I am not looking to argue with anyone here and understand all being said.

    My point was if Countries are moving up with vaccines 50, 60, 70 percent, why is Africa not up to speed with there’s. 25, 30 percent, that all?

    You can not travel to other Countries unless have one jab or 2. You all have no clue what I went through to visit there. Paperwork before flew. 2nd day there another covid test. 3 days before left, covid test. Came home, another test. So how are the Africian people travelling that have covid? Heard on news Belgium had 600 people go there and 10 percent had covid….

    Trained in medical field I know not to go around pregnant woman, compromised health conditions of others and elderly.

    I had both jabs but I tell you I am not having more jabs with every new variant that comes by.

    Lock downs are not good. I do think that building up a resistance to strains will help. That not happening if you in 4 walls all day long.

    The new strain may be here. Said let us know in 2 weeks. What Christmas, scrooge?

    AND YES CHINA STARTED THIS. I don’t think anyone should go there for the games. Stupid.

    New York starts December 3rd again no surgery for people. Holding up.


    I’m pretty sure you are just trolling now.

    I’m just pointing out your far more connected to the world than you think.  If public services break down… you’re a target.

    Now here a fact you mite like.

    In the atomic bombing of Hiroshima 66,000 people died.

    Covid killed more people than a nuclear bomb  ;-)



    oh dear lot of emotional content on  vaccinations.  been listening to radio etc and reading up on this stuff. overall majority of ‘experts’ think lockdown was justified and we were not doing ENOUGH to stop spread. Uk very slow in some areas eg incoming flights and closing borders to untested. while its nice to liv din a country where we can have freedom to have a jab. it was also raised as many whom object strongly to covid jab had raised NO objections to other vaccinations. eg polio .smallpox etc    science has demonstrated many times that vaccination plays a fundamental role in controlling  spread of disease but with such fast easy spread ( airborne) and lack of science regarding how far an air carried virus can travel just by breathing and in restricted areas, trains etc it was  messy and misjudged when we look back.  however many countries agree unvaccinated are the most single cause of further increase and spread of virus plus succumbing medically in more cases to higher  health issues when contaminated than vaccinated.  hence we are hearing  countries banning people unvaccinated form bars. cafes .cinemas etc where they are likely to both spread virus and be a huge demand on health services if contracting disease. so bottom line is ..if you want to keep your right to stay unvaccinated then that ought to come with responsible attitude of STAYING at home and not mixing socially as majority countries. etc agree these are the very people causing issues. hence Uk is pushing on with huge expensive program of trying to vaccinate everybody possible and of almost all age groups.  :unsure: your choice at moment but don’t complain if any government stops travel and social activities for unvaccinated.  choose you path in life but do consider others too . :cry:

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    we all know jolly rogers underpants were the cause of COVID 🤣🤣🤣🤣


    yer gonna get a slap you


    Well stated just H. However difference with the other vaccines you mentioned..with that, the actual virus injected into your body to build up immunity. The covid no virus has been built into vaccine. It all chemical basis. Those who have had covid have built an immunity as live virus was in body. Those in my opinion and have survived have indeed built the immunity.

    What makes me roar today as saying this now. First case showed up in California. Now that bloody President calling for covid test 1 day before enter our Country, 3rd to 5th day return and even if both vaccines, 7 day home quarantine. THAT crazy.

    I was in uk 2 months ago. I took a covid test not necessary before arrived for precaution measures. FREE and one day there took another, very expensive. Took another 3 days before I arrived back. Another expensive  test in U.k. My employer had me because of my work environment 3 days after home but allowed me to work till results came in for covid test again.

    It is not feasible to take a one day covid test before a flight. Also time changes. Takes 24 hours for results to be turned around. Have to upload to airlines proof. Coming home more than 1 day result waited for. I wish they get all this crap right.. now they said let us wait for 2 weeks to SEE how bad this variant is. Ask one knows their “Ass from their elbow”, expression. Not been 2 weeks.  This is FEAR for power contol.




    Linda is milky still in Broadmoor  :unsure:

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