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    U should know if is or not, you there dipsy doodle


    Yesterday I needed to see a doctor so I rang them. Got through first time….had to explain the reasons why I wanted an appointment otherwise I would not be assessed for an appointment….gave the gestapo…I mean receptionist my name address..then I got cut off….

    Rang back….after being 25 minutes on hold someone finally answered….totally dismissed my frustration of being cut off and out of courtesy not being called back…..anyway I had to explain again why I wanted an appointment….I was told someone from Triage will call me who will then assess whether I need to see a doctor!

    This is the first time since way way before lockdown I have needed to see a doctor….what a bloody farce! Why are doctors surgeries literally the only establishments that are not back to “normal”?

    Anyway I was told to do a lateral flow test before I attend my 4o’clock appointment which I did….was told to use the sanitizer blah blah when I enter the waiting room which I did…….whilst waiting in the queue to let the gestapo know I have arrived for my appointment…..2 different people asked for their sick notes

    The receptionist both times…licked her fingers and flick though the pile of papers to then hand them out to the public. ……I was horrified…….they bang on about protecting the staff at surgeries etc hence all the vetting only for the receptionist to potentially spread the virus

    The first thing we were told right at the beginning of the pandemic was do not touch your face etc….

    I feel like complaining to the surgery about her…should I ?  :yes:

    Anyway is this a common thing with most surgeries?


    I did hear NHS allows GPs to postpone health checks for over-75s and new patients to focus on booster jabs.

    Lets be honest about this… since the pandemic start all government departments took the opportunity to reduce services.

    Doctors surgery basically closed down for a year and non medical staff took furlong paid.  GP practices are paid on the basis of the number of patients on their list not the patients they see.  If a surgery never sees another patient again, they still get paid. The result is there putting up barriers to prevent patients from visiting surgeries to cut costs & increase profit’s.



    Doing that here as well. Chemo treatments, breasts exams, colonoscopy so forth have been cancelled.

    What really bothering me the worse that this new variant mild if catch it and have both vaccines, flu like symptoms, now you going to shut down. Wtf? What next?

    Kenty got good one for you.

    My neighbor’s mom very ill so called our 911 emergency hotline..told. “Call back all lines busy at that time.” When called back put on hold 7 minutes. Took 15 minutes for ambulance. Mom had a heart attack. They even wanted to see her vaccination card before putting in ambulance to take to hospital. Crazy stuff.



    Anyway is this a common thing with most surgeries?

    Yes, all of them.


    I feel like complaining to the surgery about her…should I ?

    You would be reported to the police for a hate crime most likely.

    What do you think all these posters they have all over the place are for?

    It’s a threat.



    Who said I was abusing or wanting to abuse?



    Who said I was abusing or wanting to abuse?

    Your complaint can be interpreted as harrasment or verbal abuse.

    Words are violence now.

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 58 total)

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