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    Well, Paigey, my connections to East Bristol, dating back a long time, ended abruptly in June last year.

    But my memories of Bristol in the past are not good ones. If you asked anyone for directions, I was surprised by how many say they didn’t know, they just gave you the wrong directions (this may have changed?). A friend of mine lived in a house where the next-door neighbour ran an unofficial brothel, and when he raised the issue of being woken up by drunks in the early hours of the morning, was told by the knife-wielding owner that if he squealed to the cops, this would happen (making a gesture with his knife towards my friend’s gizzards. I have other pretty nasty stories of people in East Bristol, but as they affect someone who was close to me, I remain quiet.

    The middle-class people in Bristol, congregating in the Redland/Clifton area freaked me out big-time. They were super-cool, tended to be ultra-politically correct, and seemed supremely indifferent to genuine suffering. Not all were like this – my recent experience was of some people who seemed more human. They weere known as the Arnolfoney set, and anyone who knows Bristol knows what I’m talking about.

    After I fled Bristol, London seemed a paradise. The people rushed around, were bad-tempered but you knew where you were. I fell in love with London :heart:


    Did you mean the arnofini skep, which is a left wing art gallery.

    I can also assure you clifton id far from middle class.

    Just check a price there for a 2 bedroom flat.

    You wont find one for less than 500k.

    I find it hard to swallow that london is a faster pace than bristol and people wont give directions.

    Personaly ive found people would walk over you if you had a heart attack in london.

    Anyone who lives in london knows what im talking about.

    I can assure anyone here if you asked anyone directions in south bristol they wouldnt dream of ignoring you.


    Skep lets let other chatters picture the scene.

    You are the only white guy in a area, where council flats are earmarked for family members way before the likes of me and you get to know.

    You have a non bristol accent and you are silly enough to ask people directions in a red light district how did you expect it to go?

    You had hostility for stealing a council flat in that area i would wager.

    Rightly or wrongly thats what you would have faced in the 80s.

    Are you really that naive?


    I mean the only non council flats there are the ex merchant slave traders houses on city road.

    Bet you didnt know that!


    wouldnt it depend on what you look for in a city If that city is great or not

    An example I prefer Liverpool to London the people there are more open to being talked to

    Not true. The people there are more open to being talked with ! Or asked questions of !


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    Air kisses Mooo xx

    Go ed, ask my anything im that helpful on der streets of Liverpool i will ask strangers do they want help before they even think about asking me. God help anyone with maps looking lost!  i normally end up talking them to their destination. I go above and beyond my scouse award for being helpful and wear my scouseology award with pride.  Off out soon, Lime st will have gangs from Newcastle on another hen weekend arriving wanting to hit the streets getting pissed this weekend . Am gonna stand with a little ball on the end of my Umbrella , hi viz jacket etc and personally direct them to their hotels or hovels! depending who they booked with. ;-)

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    Oh My Good Christ @ that pic !!!

    Massive Cringe !! Haha it’s in Blackpool !!! Thank God ! No decent scouse lass would be seen dead looking like that, bet they’re from Manchester …….  :whistle:   ;-)


    Skep as much as i love your cartoons, fairytales are something else.

    If i wandered around hackney asking dealers and pimps directions with a strange accent,

    And that was wandered not wondered, would you expect them to draw me a map?

    I can see how a streetwise brother like you survived in the ghetto.



    Did you mean the arnofini skep, which is a left wing art gallery.

    Yes, the Arnolfini. When I lived in Bristol (NOT in the 80s) it was an alternative cinema. I knew a lot of different people in Bristol, but the middle class people were squatting just where the University library is now situated. Genuinely homeless people were squatting there too, and they were very resentful of the middle classes slumming it and taking up places whihc could have been occupied by other genuinely homeless people. I was strongly recommended to see a movie called Antonio das Mortes, a really trendy Brazilian film playing at the Arnolfoney about a Robin Hood type outlaw. I walked out halfway through because it bored me. back at the squats, i told them I much preferred Oklahoma, a statement which was greeted with horror.

    I remember City Road, and lived about 5 minutes walk away. though I think you were probably in nappies when I knew it. I was told by one guy who knew that I was a tight-wad that if I ever fancied some relief, then five quid Ada was not bad for the price. I just giggled.

    It’s really fading memories. The people who were giving bad directions were all swanning around the Hippodrome area, and I don’t even remember the name of that street.

    I visited Clifton quite a bit in recent decades, but only to walk along the Downs, remembering pretty traumatic times.

    However, I did indeed survive in very rough areas, mainly white, in London.  I did live in a mixed race street in Clapton, where I came home from a very low-paid job at 11pm and had to get up at 4am to get to work. The first night, I was woken up just after 12 midnight by the walls of my bedroom nearly caving in by the sound of the disco in the house opposite, where parties were held every night and the girls made a lot of money for the guys living there. I was in genuine despair, but after a few days the problem was solved by the (white) cops arriving and arresting the blokes for a reason I never knew. I just remember some black guy being carried in by four cops holding one leg or arm each; the two cops holding his legs opened them wide, lifted him up, and one of them kicked him  very hard in between the legs. There was a horrible scream. I had an American girlfriend at the time, who commented on how strange it was to hear black guys speaking with an English accent.

    You can’t imagine all this?? Well, why on earth would I lie?  I have many more memories of Stoke Newington in its pre-yuppy days etc etc etc. Perhaps you have a very stereotyped imagination?? I think maybe you do. Real life is a lot more complicated than you think.

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    You would lie.

    So despite your memory being hazy, you now recall exactly where you were when you asked someone directions.

    Outside the most famous building in bristol, the hippodrome.

    So because someone didnt give you directions, perhaps they didnt speak english?

    You are saying people are unfriendly here.

    If you are to thick to read a map thats your own fault, not the people of bristol.

    Are you aware you have claimed on loads of threads you lived down st pauls after the riots.

    I can make you look silly anytime i wish.

    So after 6 years of claiming you lived there in the 80s, you are now saying the 70s?


    As reguards to me wearing nappies when you were swashbuckling around red light districts, im not so sure.

    I think you might have been wearing nappies after me from what ive heard.


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