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    I’ve been self employed and employed and both. I am again. I’m loving it. What are your experiences of being self employed or employed? Is one better than the other or are they compatible together? Have a great weekend every one.

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    obv being self employed is better than some greedy ceo taking advantage of staff and obv u can fix prob with your own company u can not fix something for another company, unless u have a good boss, also if people got paid fairly u wud have happyer staff and actully more people employed, but as it seems it is not like that maybe for most companys, it means people wont be 100% happy for some reason/s with the company they work for, but saying all this, trying to make a business might be worse mentally or worse in a different way compared to working for someone else, as if u fail then what, also i dont think all humans are made to work for someone else, it depends if people can deal with the bs what companys cud have.

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    Being employed of course has more securities but it has no risk v reward. You can work for any company and get your set wage, with a little luck you might get a small rise in wages, with bad luck the company can fold and your out of work anyway.

    Being self-employed the world is your oyster, there is no limit to what you can earn and it will all be yours. It takes more time and dedication, but if you work hard and get to where you want to be it can become quite a lucrative lifestyle, think waking up and checking how much you have made before you even think of working that day, that is if you decide to even work at all because you can outsource a lot of your work to other people that you specially train. Then you have additional things you need to focus on such as doing all your tax returns etc, but this can easily be outsourced to other people too.

    Without doubt being self-employed is the best, but for those not willing to take risks or put in the initial hard graft, then being employed by someone would be the best option…

    I don’t think one is necessarily better than the other, as it all boils down to what type of person you are. A leader or a follower.

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    I’ve been self employed for a few years now, I would never want to go back to working for someone else.

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    yes ikr KING i think there is two types of people a follower or a leader, follower type of people can deal with bs in a company as for leaders, they prob really hate working for someone else, defo with a company with bs about the company, i dont think most poeple like there job, and yes for one to be self employed it is obv a big cash or and mental health gamble, there have been people have said if they did not become successfull making a bussiness, they will get off the earth, so them type of people, if they worked for someone else, i blv there mental health wud massivly be effected, if companys fixed probs with there company and paid fairly u prob have less peopel unemployed and also more people happy with there job and also less people thinkng they wish they where self employed, i blv people who are self employed not only as they want to be, but they are as they dont like how they are treated by a company/s they have worked for, so they needed to be self employed to have one less prob in there life, to me to many people who work for others from what i have heard hate there job, my dad hated his job he got depressed, any person who thinks working for some company what prob has prob with the company wont give someone cash and mental prob, really need to stfu, they are obv dumb relating to mental health.

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    The “gig” ‘SE’  economy has dismantled workers rights. ZHC etc. The service sector. More people doing exactly the same jobs and work, for less pay. Competition.

    If and it’s a big if… you can crawl up that greasy ladder, well done. Just don’t forget productivity in the UK is piss poor, it’s piss poor for a reason, unskilled labor has nowhere to go, except give you cheap goods and services.


    Enjoy. While you sell that house you spent 40 years paying for, to pay for your old age.


    Interesting Misterq..

    I have done both myself
    Both have advantages, and disadvantages.

    So Will define my opinions by grouping for better clarity/understanding.


    Own boss, no reporting too.
    Can use own style, creativity, marketing approaches.
    Set own hours for store opening/closing.
    Be sick and take vacation when need.
    Cash flow access at hand
    Not reportable, hee.
    Make own rules.
    Set own pace
    If u like materials use can get great discounts, especially if bulk
    Make new acquaintances with others in which may help u with own product offering
    Clients, regular supporters
    Xmas gifts, and free trial gifts
    Snow days off when weather inclement. Clients do not come out.
    Naming some…….accountants helpful too on reporting of ur income and losses.

    Extensive marketing plans expensive.
    Venue/place of attraction.
    Rent of place
    Extra deposits for basic utility needs.
    Business not residential.
    Hiring of employees expensive fees, workman’s compensation fees to government, unemployment fees, u pay government based on their assessment of general population in similar field.
    Product display. Demands, on time delivery and promises for ur product.
    Sometimes need to work 24/7. Irs quarterly payment or yearly payment due on sales tax collected from your clientele.

    As I have described both in a view of a business owner 12 years myself, Both can be rewarding and pressure also applied..

    Last 2 years of my business took on a part time job. Had established many many clients over years.10 very very successful. But my business a hobby studio.
    Not being a person absorbed for wealth, I took a hobby expanded it for years providing simple pleasure. My fees reasonable very affordable. Demands great..all loved it, and I loved my clients who supported my business.

    However, products I needed over years trippled in cost, therefore expecting me to raise prices on my own products for sale. I had not the heart to raise prices for my own clients interest, and pleasures. So did very little to increase but started to absorb money received, rather money need to invest at higher costs which effected clients ability to participate or not… my extra cash flow was no longer at the height of receiving. Recognizing economy, weakness of those ability to afford, closed my doors down forever. My dream goal acquired, but sadly operations too costly to maintain…..


    P.s. my company name established with county was allowed to operate with business certificate..
    So now you will all know when asked why joined jc chat it attracted me to my business name incorporated by my State acceptance

    “CHIT CHAT………”



    Nothing really surprises here linda. LOL Although i will admit…many try to surprise or shock even. Great to see you as always.


    W.T.G Drac but is that just about the money?


    ikr GE people work to pay and worry if they can pay bills, then they retire and sell there house then die of a heart attack, life is about not worrying but enjoying and being able to afford anything someone wants, also being able to do what ever one wants whent they want, that is the prob with being employed, u dont have that choice as someone else makes the times u work, and i mean if one was self employed they obv cud get staff to do the work if they dont want to.

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