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    so the rumours are true tracy thong is kents ex  :unsure:


    Kev from Sevenoaks or Kenty as we know him…bin at it for years. Eharmony ban him for romance fraud some time ago.  I wish Martine would do the same here.   :yes:


    getting a bit  heavy  this innit? near to the knuckle stuff,im keeping out of this i dont like it when people tell tales


    bang out of order


    I feel the Scots should be more grateful. When ever things go wrong in Scotland they come begging for an English bale out.

    Just look at the act of union for a start.

    Now that small minded Nicky Sturgeon true calling in life is doctors receptionist in dead end place like Plockton keeps messing up again & again.

    Just look at education :wacko:

    Does the world really need more people who can only barely read a plastic cider bottle? Is Nicky master plan for the Scottish economy an army of drunken beggars invading England in the hope when they return home the empty beer cans in there hands can be sold for scrap?

    youd nob her tho wuntcha id love love to mess up her hair bum her and yanno watch her make me breakfast the useless stump.


    ive nobbed a cupla so called celebs im allowed to say names,i dont usually but i told yerz all one niight i was a bit drunk,but ive done linda nolan rip xx and bonnie langford not really proud of it just saying like


    What is bang out of order coneheed 🤣 tell me I’ve never been bang oot anything 😍


    oh go and shake yer bagpipes


    who told you that the Morrisons warehouse manager has just been sacked for servicing my bagpipes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿


    so the rumours are true tracy thong is kents ex :unsure:

    well we have no idea why thin ice is masquerading as tracy thong but yanno whatever floats his boat eh,


    you still got that pic of him wearing laines red knickers  :unsure:

Viewing 10 posts - 91 through 100 (of 187 total)

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