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    im not having that… way i think that tarty babes is 1 schexy  mule xx


    id like to ask her see shes become all intelligent all of a sudden

    and ask her what d0 you think about brexit


    No he just called you a thick Scottish tvvat ;-)

    I have to agree with him :scratch:

    But its not Scottish,Hasn’t got a tvvat,Is tvvat,Got a c0ck,And is a fooking c0ck :yahoo:


    Well right its name on its azz and I’ll still shag it  :rose:


    i knile show this seems  stupid but yanno

    id like to ask tartan babes whats her favourite song when shes dancing front of her mirror combing the last strands of her  grey hair


    Shang-a-lang bay city rollers and jolly Roger my hair is brunette you cheeky cnut!😁


    your a shang a lang you auld bint


    LOL. Just one more wanna be Man U fan but hasn’t the balls to come out the closet :bye:

    Seen as Somer failed to answer his thoughts on the Scottish the Welsh and the french

    Maybe we should ask him about his thoughts about homosexuals folks  :unsure:


    jolly roger do u want a punch  :unsure:

    one edit because I said headbutt instead of punch hahaha

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    dont bother just give me a glasgow kiss then  smother  me in your finest blankets         getting a bit nippy now innit,


    I dae ken fit a Glasgow kiss is I heard you haven’t brushed yer teef  since 1964 hahaha

Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 65 total)

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