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    Been having some personal issues at home with 3 from here. Well JC. Anyways no worry..all good. Cosy haters came after me used me to get me out, so cosy would get upset if left here. Game completed now. I am good, relieved over.

    So moving forward. No more mistakes on my part. Big big lesson learned, but too costly financially and emotionally.

    I supported some one thought they won. Nah like some here not going away just yet. So I won. No loss just for them

    Now anyone want to troll my said here. No sleep last night, many long hours, emotions and tears. Just half hour had to leave area as the trolls tried to distract chatters when nicely chatting.
    Trolls trying to make me look stupid and my fault, so I get pushed out of jc. Plan. All good. When heat starts walk away…
    Xxxx so have nice day all..later. need to get me new laptop. Sad other only 1 year old. On sale today




    Rather not nice of me as lady and all to sit on your face. Needed your attention focused so did well hee. .

    Should have been lady more and said lap. U were squirming around so much could not keep up with you and long legs.

    See ya later all……
    Sorry for my rudeness


    yeh well where do I start I dunno,yep let myself down again last night,no excuse,no oh ive had a bad week,or I was drunk or stoned etc

    no point in saying sorry either,doesnt wash

    so no excuses im just a well in the words of a warren zevon song  im just an excitable boy,well im not a boy im just a passionate individual  and you know its just me innit

    I try hard in everything I do and when I fail at anything it just floors me

    whats wrong with trying to be the best?

    even kicked off with one of my best mates last year cos I lost a game of scrabble

    we were grappling on the floor in his house cos I was accusing him of cheating cos he beat me at the last  he put dacha is a Russian cottage so I kicked off (we still aren’t speaking to this day) so his missus heard the commotion

    said to me out to him you bed silly barstards fighting over a game of scrabble how old are youse?

    still see my bud in the park

    when we are walking our dogs



    but we just sort of nod at each other from a distance

    its pathetic really

    so to sum up GD does a sterling job she gave me two chances but I blew it

    so best if I keep away for awhile  till I can keep my frustration and swearing in check

    ok bye.

    so yep to sum up GD does a sterling job gave me a chance I blew it

    its pathetic really


    got that a bit wrong at the end

    was going to say its best to keep away for a while till I can keep my frustration anger and swearing in check

    its not big and its not clever

    so bye quizzers good luck enjoy and tc.

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Viewing 4 posts - 71 through 74 (of 74 total)

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