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    from age 8 to adult?


    what you trying to say like?


    I am not insulting your intelligence Orson, I am trying to say it is easy and fun to use, give it a go and your speed will get faster.


    ive just sussed something out,ok it took me a while but what ariston does every time GD is asking a question ari is typing with her simultaneously

    clever but cheating

    and when he gets a question wrong he contests it

    I hate him not cos he wins we know why he does

    I just hate the mummys boy bye bye quiz.







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    Cosy, that is just untrue and ungracious too.




    Ahh u know how he can be.

    Sure not meant exactly the way said.

    Give him time to think about it. Turns around some times. Xxxx


    no come on lets be fair I have no guilt what I typed

    and one thing I do is never take offence or take it personally

    im just a face in the crowd

    I like rammo sound guy he typed as he saw respect mon.

    maybe I was a bit wrong that ari cheats

    im sure he doesnt

    maybe im just pissed off and frustrated that I don’t get more points

    so heres my apology sorry for my petulant juvenile post ari

    cant say fairer than that.

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    Now Cosy, that is a man willingly able to admit why does things way does explaining for understanding…

    Respect, u were man enough to face up reason, with a gesture of kindness…

    Now that is what I have seen from u underneath.

    And if u come after me for this nice comment……with any form of nasty…. (hope not).. I am going to sit on your face and tie your shoe laces together….trip and fall when u stand up again… ha ha




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    sit on my face all you want luv you wont hear any complaints in fact you wont hear anything  xxx

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Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 74 total)

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