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    Prizes are a great  proverbial ‘carrot before the donkey’ and as long as every one has fun. Awesome!


    Reminds me of Crackerjack back in the day with Stewpot Stewart i think it was….What do points make? Prizessssssss.


    I’ve been hotting up on my Geography lately so watch out!




    let me explain

    I am to typing as eddie the “eagle” was to ski jumping I,e we can both do what we do but we don’t get very a one finger dobber as its known in the typing game,and type with my head down

    so i  see the questions and  aah I lnow this

    but by the time ive typed it I see gd awarding the points

    like last night the question what is a,i

    im typing artificial intelligence

    and shes the on the next question


    so what id like is more 3/4 letter  questions

    just saying like.



    or answers as the case maybe.


    How about a quiz with one word answers. Just a thought.

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    Aww  Cosy, I know what you mean, I’m not a quick reader so takes time to sink in, then its ‘hammering the keys’ in vaguely the right area I should be and hoping for the best, hence my atrocious schpeeeling in quiz lol xx



    Nice to see u….

    Have are u doing on quiz days. Better? Being nice…. hee

    Some people looking for u in chat 3, last night. Hoping u alright. When get a chance yell out if can. Worried about u.. out flag up for me with u too!

    Hope u well.

    Think milkman taking me to oh let me see if have right again. Wrote it down,

    Barnsley? Spelling.?

    Also told me could visit only few local pubs. Tossed out if some hee hee. Should not be hard to find him, right.

    Be well. Miss ya boss. ..



    so what id like is more 3/4 letter questions just saying like.

    or answers as the case maybe.

    Thank you for the constructive comments Cosy, but I am afraid it would create a lot of work for me having to find shorter questions and answers, I have already checked and edited over 20,000 questions, and cannot take more time replacing the longer questions and answers, as well as adding new questions daily.

    May I suggest you buy a very good typing tutor from Amazon
    Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing Personal Edition (PC/Mac) by Avanquest.
    Platform : Windows 8, Windows 7, Mac OS X

    • Easy-to-use typing tutor with step-by-step instruction
    • learn to type in just 8 hours
    • suitable for ages 8-adult
    • 1 pc licence
    • you control how fast you learn and what you do
    • measure your progress with over 100 skill checks
    • set personal goals to keep you motivated

    I have used this programme and it is very good, and you will learn to type properly using all your fingers and gain speed, the more you practice.

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Viewing 10 posts - 51 through 60 (of 74 total)

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