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    Too much publicity is given to serial killers, murderers, child killers etc. I for my own, don’t under stand why the T.V wants you to get inside the mind of a killer, serial killer, rapist, and the like. It only puts bad ideas in one’s head or makes one depressed.

    Problem in my opinion with girl friends of evil men is that and ill say this about most of these types of crimes……is that……it comes down to who blames who when the curtain calls so to speak. With girlfriends of evil implies 2 people usually (in the case your talking about) or the case that any one’s talking about for that matter.

    Interesting case that Poirot solved and conveniently killed himself after. I sort of lost respect for Poirot when he did the killing….i read the book years ago and thought……In this book…Curtain Call…Poirot did actually stop a murderer but then Poirot committed murder himself. It’s all nicely tied up with Poirot who has not long to live any way so murders then makes sure he doesn’t survive him self as some sort of poetic justice…….Bravery or Cowardice?

    Interesting point to make going back that evil backwards is live…..a lot of horror films will assume that evil comes back from the dead but not true……evil is live…no one can do evil when they’re dead.





      As for men u would think as well, wow abused by a woman! This gender always applied as the stronger gender not the weaker of the two. But sadly some men have had same upbringing, and therefore love of a woman essential. Sadly woman can in these cases control as they are the stronger element. But it is my opinion no matter what, men most often are told you must treat a woman with love and kindness. This in turn makes the man feel more challenged, weaker, accepts the abuse..

    Good post Linda.

    I had to look after abused children in my mid-20s..children abused by mother as well as father.

    One had been abused so badly by his mother than he didn’t have long to live. I asked my boss how a woman could be so cruel, and was shown her file. I felt helpless when I realised that the woman was locked into a vicious cycle from a very early age.

    Women who use men as punchbags when the men are caring and loving – yeah, I can testify to that all right.

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    I was talking to a man on a date once he said his ex battered him and when he rang the police they arrested him as she told them he had bruised her wrists as he tried to restrain her for smacking the crap out of him.

    Hopefully time has moved on and its known that women can be just as violent, spiteful, aggressive and abusive as men.

    But it is (mostly) easier for a man to overpower a woman or child than it is for a woman unless she is over 6 foot and build like a brick sh**house.

    I think many of us are fascinated by such people Misterq as they are so totally abhorrent it makes us look at ourselves and wonder if we could ever be capable of taking another persons life.  What makes someone do such heinous things with no guilt conscience or regard for human life will always interest people.

    Like Linda and Scep have pointed out its a vicious circle of abuse but I do believe that not ALL killers had bad upbringings which then leads us on to the question are people ever just born evil?




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    Very good points sairs…

    Honestly thru years of training, study, complexed history meaning root and causes of violence, murder so forth.. Hard to believe that people whom u think have had no history of abuse, good upbringing can become a killer or be one…

    Always brings me back again to those who specialize in the field, whom I too have said why? Makes absolutely no sense…

    But one theory always haunts me..Rousseau think name is will go back and check, said his belief is that children are born in “a blank state.” Meaning basically when born, nature and nurture processes are what establish a scheme for pattern in people. Studying his theory makes a great deal of sense that we learn thru our environment. Yes, what we see from others, read, see on television accepted in society. What we conform with, live with so to speak..

    Sad that both genders do in fact turn to violence as form of control and power, prove whom more superior in a relationship.

    Hard world we live in today.

    I think this is generally the reason why it is our very young who need to learn about the good and evil. What impact their individual life can be or become. The importance of being able to decide on right or wrong, think of eventual consequences and decisions made influence life, survival.

    Honestly today’s very young and I would say 3 years of age scare the heck out of me watching, observing and talking to some. Using a puppet to demonstrate feelings as many can not explain feelings they feel, I have had some stomp on the puppet, punch it, try to tear it apart in frustration..

    Wow violence and anger displayed so very early.. not saying all express this way, but many use form of violence as satisfaction, relief in making their points made…

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    That poor puppet :(



    Actually seeing a young child express such hatred and anger towards a doll or puppet, that represents ‘someone’ is very sobering and upsetting.


    A puppet used most often in therapy in my case is a fluffy dog and kitty. Glad I don’t use sport items….Lord I be dead from demonstrations of feelings in anger.

    For all of us yes natural to be angry at things, these are emotions is how we deal that makes it interesting.

    For a young child their vocabulary and feelings not fully developed so use physical sairs said poor puppet..but interesting different anger display different forms of violence. One child may pick it up and realize after, it hurt what playing with. Forgiveness, tenderness, released the pressure child felt…for others rejects the puppet, decides not worth it, finds interest some where else avoiding. These are the clues and differences..These simple examples offered are a way to help. But if go on for years and no structure of some sort provided in finding ways or means to work with anger, change behaviors, these influence people later on in life…


    I will read this when I have time,   I lit a candle and its about time I submitted a poem after  a challenge.














    It`s rubbish!!! but it has a 2nd wind coming soon on JC poem island

    :negative: :negative:   :-)   :-)   :-)   :mail:   :-(   :unsure:   ;-)

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    GOD backwards is DOG and I have a timeshare in a PUG which backwards wobbles into a GUP

    Mind the GUP, who has learnt a new trick!!! YAY! It got snipped and know its farting a lot less. Still a character still a dog and he knows the word NO!


    There is a rumor I met somebody on here, its true. I met her. And it was ace. She was very good company and it felt natural.  Will meet again if shes wants to.

    The malicious jealousy comes from well MAL ( Spanish for bad) people who are to shit scared to meet a reflection never mind a human.


    So chew on that!!!



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