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    @jen_jen wrote:

    Tut, I meant like Captain Hook [-(

    there’s a lorra ppl higgying me now.. :(


    Girls like guys who……………..

    Say what they mean and mean what they say………. 8) 8) 8)


    what is it that men in women require?
    the lineaments of gratified desire

    what is it that women in men require?
    the lineaments of gratified desire


    @lovely Lady wrote:

    Girls like guys who……………..

    Say what they mean and mean what they say………. 8) 8) 8)

    nice siggy :lol:

    oh and have money


    You will find that people that have money can be the tightest with it and those that have nothing would give their last penny to help a friend so no……….money is of no consequence :D :D :D :D


    amongst many :wink:


    It aint their looks :shock:


    @blossom‘ wrote:

    I’ve always been one to notice shoes in men tbh, always liked men who wear good shoes.
    The irony is, that when I first met my now husband, he was wearing espadrilles, and when we consequently went out on a date he wore yet another pair of hideous shoes…..a pair of Adidas trainers with velcro straps :lol:

    I agree with Su, girls love guys who make them smile :)

    Velcro makes me shudder!


    @simplysu wrote:

    1. can do things with his hands.

    Depending on where those hands are and what they’re ‘doing’

    2. can tell a good naughty joke without making her feel cheap or dirty

    And can laugh when a filthier one is told in return

    3. wears good shoes.

    Provided those shoes do not have heels.

    4. can open a door for her without making a big show and dance about it

    Provided it is not the door in a moving vehicle

    5. knows his limitations and isn’t afraid to confront them or try to conquer them

    Or have them expressly pointed out

    6. knows how to placate a crying baby

    I couldn’t give a monkeys. If there’s a crying baby in the vicinity, I’m off to the pub

    7. doesn’t say to the shop assistant: ‘she’s about your size and probably likes what
    you’d choose. (He should know your size and your taste.)

    Unless the shop assistant is a sexy size 12 with exquisitely expensive taste

    8. Doesn’t try to order for you in a restaurant

    Unless it’s to insist on that pudding that you really DO want

    9. Is still able to surprise her

    Mentally, physically and emotionally … but surprise in a good way

    10. Feels very special because, despite his limitations, you still think he’s rather great.

    Of course you feel special … we’re fabulous!

    Well said Su =D> :lol: :D/


    This girl likes guys who ….

    Accept and appreciate!

    Two way street!

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 41 total)

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