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    @jen_jen wrote:

    i dont have a problem with photos, some do not my problem tis theirs
    I must have missed the one with the long sleeve dress, I remember one reclining with a very short skirt leaving very little to the imagination, and one, possibly two, where you looked as if you were naked…and no one has EVER seen your photos as sexual? Really? Wow I must have a warped mind then :roll:

    Thin views them as sexual…. Hes been caught behind the JC barn with cock in hand :D


    That explains all the clucking…


    @moonshadow wrote:

    @annette-curtain wrote:

    Well I’m really not sure I should reply to this now, as I don’t want it to turn into a ” you said , she said” thread… So all I will say , and I will try to make it brief( which usually doesn’t work )

    The ” incident ” as you call it about your photo…. When you first put it on the boards , I said what a little minx you were and winked at you. Then, you posted one of you shall I put it? erm … well …. putting it bluntly – Naked from what I could see anyway. So of course, people commented on it in the room , you were there at the time , and I remarked that it wasn’t so much the photo , it was the content of the photo . If that is the ” incident” you are referring too .. then so be it …… As far as I recall I said nothing abusive about it at all, unlike some did at that point.

    Of course , as I should have known ( silly me ) the likes of T hin then jumped on the bandwagon and accused me of abusing you about it . How ridiculous!! Even to the point of posting on the boards ” over the road that you were leaving because of the abuse I gave you about the photo… total madness !! But typical of Thin , and of course Moon joined in, saying I had called you a ” whore” Lmao …. I have never called anyone that in my life. You seemed to believe the likes of Moon and Thin but that is your choice…. I seem to recall saying to you in the room when you first joined … believe nothing , and trust no one. Something which it turned out , you clearly took no notice of .

    I will not sit here , and say I like you Laine … one thing I am not , and that is 2 faced. I never had a problem with you , until you , Moon and good old Thin :roll: decided to make one. Accusing me of things I had said , when I hadn’t. I have always “said It as it is” , and if I have something to say I will say it . I had nothing against you at all …. other than the fact all you did when you first came in the room was brag about what you had ( and good for you if that is what floats your boat) Some , and I mean some , not just me – got a little tired of it …. and contrary to what people think ie: Moon . I am not jealous of you. why would I be ?

    We all have out cross to bear , so to speak with problems in our lives …. whilst I appreciate you have had yours, I honestly believe mentioning them in the room , was taken as a form of attention seeking . It’s ok ! I have been there , done that myself , and been accused of that..all because I was letting people know I had nothing to hide , so consequently like you , gave too much away. I leant my lesson , and now only tell people what I want them to know .

    Here endeth the lesson of Just Chat :wink:[/quote

    I have never once told laine you called her a whore ,what I did say if you had called her that, I wasn’t there at the time because I never saw it.I wish you would stop telling lies about me nette.You also told people I ran you down to laine.I never did because laine isent the sort of person to listen to gossip or rants about other people she actually makes her own mind up.
    Look laine iv sed it to you and I will say it againe, in chat room slow it down a bit, sort of like hide your light under a bushel, because the jealously that some people have shown towards you has been incredible.
    Iv known some people with money ,brilliant life styles come in and talk about ir.Whis is fair enough but unlike you have been snide to people less fortunate, people who cant get work ect,i hate that. You have been one of the few who have stretched a hand of friendliness out to me, who have talked to me and listened. That to me is friendship, kindness, and caring. I think your an amazing woman, and glad yo be your friend.

    I have to add some more because im shocked about her hypocrisy. Telling laine putting her problems through the room is attention seeking. Well nette I know your health problems, only because you put them through the room. Pots and kettles.

    Just thought i’d do the quote thing… it’s still bollocks


    Hello Pete :)


    @coathanger wrote:

    A few observations.
    Laine, Hello.
    Chatrooms are not the ‘real world’. You may well be a pleasant Lady in the real world, however, you threw yourself into ‘chat world’ and got it all badly wrong, despite advise from others, probarbly because you seem to always think you know best.
    Being honest is, indeed, a virtue, however, in a chatroom, disclosing your life story, repeatedly (very repeatedly) will only lead to abuse because the simple truth is that many who visit JC are not nice, decent, honest, people and believing that they are is quite frankly very niave.
    If what you say about your life is true you have indeed had some major traumas, your mistake is sounding like you are the only person who ever has had any. Do you not think some of the people sharing the room have had tragic events? Lost children? Loved ones? suffered illness? etc etc ?
    Why do you think they do not talk about it in the room ?? Because they are not honest and truthful??? No !!! It’s because they know better. They know a public chatroom, which hides faceless sociopaths is not the place to divulge personal and often upsetting things about their lives. Many have learned the hard way not to disclose too much information as, inevitably, it will be twisted and thrown at them in a vile and abusive manner.

    Your ‘Gone’ post and your subsequent lengthly post both smack of the same chat style you used in the room.
    A small example :
    ” I hope

    I’m sure

    I am NOT

    I have never

    Being a widow gets a little lonely at times, sad but true, and no matter how much money status hobbies

    I get

    I got past it

    I even invited

    a little about me…….. yes i have been open in the room about myself, there is nothing i have said that i wouldnt tell a stranger, so no one can hold any skeleton over me and give me something to reproach myself for, i don’t do behind the scenes gossiping or nastiness, it just isnt me.

    i cope

    im proud of myself

    i proved them wrong

    ive been abused all my life and certainly won’t accept it from strangers who neither know the
    im also proud that i can

    i dont have skeletons in my cupboards,
    i dont hurt people,
    i dont abuse people,
    im just a nice ordinary middle aged woman.

    i am very much liked ”

    You may well be very proud of yourself but self praise is no praise at all.
    Maybe if you had shown more interest in others rather than blowing your own trumpet constantly people would have been more accepting.
    Most people, not all, but most, who go into JC are working class people, they tend not to say ” nipped out to the garden centre but bought a brand new fiesta on a whim instead” . They tend not to chat about holidaying on their 2nd yacht based around the greek islands” I could go on….and on… You may not have thought you were bragging, but trust me thats exactly how it sounded.
    What is odd though, people who live well and have money tend not to mention it constantly. Its a ‘class’ thing. You either have it or you just say you have it.
    Just to re-quote you ” and no matter how much money status hobbies ” you even managed to do it when displaying how lonely you are, indicating you have money and somehow deserve status ?

    Another big mistake you made was to alienate the ladies or some of them, who have been in there a lot longer than you. You seemed to think they were jealous of the attention the men gave you. You could not be more wrong, they more than anyone, know exactly what the men are like and for example they know that Clowning, although harmless is desparate for sex chat and a well known perv, so he and others like im are tolerated in an amused way. You were correct in your description of Joker, he is a sociopath, with no morals or conscience, as is Thick Slice, its a pity you didn’t listen to the advice instead of taking it as a form of jealousy from others.
    In JC people earn respect, it’s not a ‘given’. In the real world all deserve respect until they prove otherwise. In Cyber world you trust nobody until you gradually form your own opinions and learn who you can trust, only then can you actually make some real and lasting friendships.
    I wish you well with your health issues but Laine, It Was All Too Much Too Soon !!

    well worth a quote though obviously i aint read it. Me I trust everybody till they lose it then fuck em their loss… btw ASL ????? :shock:


    Hello Chocolate …btw who’s Pete :-


    @trapper wrote:

    Hello Chocolate …btw who’s Pete :-

    Believe this if you will…..I didn’t know you was Trapper until a few months back….

    I trust youre well? Hope you havnt been out behind the barn as well? ;)


    Anyway…..Im gone too….back home to P ATS CHAT…

    Feel free to join us there Laine, we arnt afraid of a few nudies (we might laugh mind) Your friend Thin likes to call it home as well.

    : )


    Blimey is this still going on!

    Laine must be laughing her socks off all this attention! :lol:

    Moon …… dear Moon …….. don’t sit there saying you know all about my health problems ……. as far as I know I don’t have any , apart from the fact I had a stroke … which is hardly the same as telling everyone in the room my life history…. So don’t sit there pretending you know things about me that no one else does ….

    We are all aware that you are up Laine’s backside …So stop now .. I repeat you know NOTHING about me …… where as you ……… well, we all know about your drink problem , so go pour another one, and have a sleep :wink:


    @chocolate wrote:

    @trapper wrote:

    Hello Chocolate …btw who’s Pete :-

    Believe this if you will…..I didn’t know you was Trapper until a few months back….

    I trust youre well? Hope you havnt been out behind the barn as well? ;)

    My chicken died :?

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