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    yeh ok is that right

    lets have a looksee eh  and analyse

    its my thread me first so fck off

    you can have your say later theres an opinion button at the bottom

    so why do  ppl chat?

    in no particular order



    looking for a bunk up


    im a gob shyte say what i want in here but not to ppl in  real life whhat no way, im a person who likes to say hi and bye and wb no way i rock the boat

    so er go on then  lets analyse why are you here?

    ive purposely left out names cos i dont want to antagonise this thread but i will do :whistle:

    so come on then any jc member

    why are you  here ?

    i wont hold my breath

    all i want is one valid reason why you wake up and think oh fck must log into jc

    thanks in anticipation.

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    I’m on a life long mission to rip the piss out of you 😀

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    im dying to say names(but i wont)

    but just for a laugh  lets see if you can suss out the so called regs from here (btw feel free to add) and it is a laugh so dont start kicking off


    inpo my speakers are working now i can hear paul weller better now,


    good morning from nz i just fell asleep  bye (sic) at the fire


    gm “its cld here”>


    “ive no idea where abdul is”

    hi  its me smiley face 3



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    ” bit quiet in the cafe”?

    “yeh i broke my back when i  got pushed off a cliff but hey ho”

    “im untouchable so i can say what i want to hosts”


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    what a back breaker 😁👍

    limpy bob😋🥕🏃‍♂️💥

    long time no sea….crack full of sand🥳

    a tile short of a roof :good:

    just glad the coastguards found you jols :yahoo:



    kiwi….great bloke

    9…..a lovely fella

    long name….ha….i am funnier than bud ha

    ladyhm….lovely lady….still got me on ignore for the time being

    rian….loves a bit of banter



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    who is the Gm it is cold in here…..hard 1 that jols :scratch:


    here is one for you jols….i have just pelted a polish beaut..x..x

    well two actually stfu….smurks

    Oh make it 3

    where is paigey :unsure:


    I always know where Abdul is.  Usually, face down in a river, under a railway bridge. ( working, not floating  :yes: )


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    Short name, you’re proper in forrit.

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