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    hi im possibly the biggest twat this side of the mason -dixon line,but just thought id say hi to this thread because im full off piss and bluster.























    tree xxx


    Lol did have a few giggles at this. I was looking for when I’d get the pi55 taken but no joy 😞. I’ll keep an eye out though 🤣


    Cosy  I love it here, could be my second home. never thought I would be here that long but I am, just to keep up with your silly conversation.  now u see him  now you don’t, but hang in there!


    ut things do happened


    oh yanno

    i cudnt possibly rip into those two cutie booties

    ok ok shut up i said i wouldnt mention names




    fair d and lupe(belle)

    are exempt from this thread


    unless yhey start onme



    then i will fck em over


    just saying like


    peace to all

    no emos were hurt on this thread

    oh now whos well known for doing emos after every post?



    im on it hes getting it. :whistle:



    I can’t sleep and thought it would be nice to see if anyone else was awake on here!


    hi i fell off a ladder whilst decorating

    yeh i spose im pretty cute

    but fck with me and i will bend you like a pretzel





    all beyond me ..but then most say I am not all there anyway lol.have a lovely day. :wacko:



    Jolly, i hope you’re orite after your fall…. Did you remembered to tuck and roll? You at least bounced, right?!

    And hey, if you’re looking for new lines, just give us a shout and i’m sure we could all pull our brains together to get you some…. there’s no need to be stealing my pretzel lines.

    Bendy like pretzel?  :whistle:

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    hi my iname is steven i was born in 1n  1984

    i was called the most boring  man on the planet by somebody called cosy

    well that cant be true hes a liar

    cos ive pmd flying kiwi and merlin beleive meo  they are more boring than me

    oh i also talked to that diamond destiny chick but she went on and on and on about togs and duvets

    so  i put the phone down on her



Viewing 9 posts - 71 through 79 (of 79 total)

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