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    We are all aware of what austerity is DOA but unlike you, we understand how the issues YOU yourself raised are caused/worsened by it.


    Now stop being a drunken sailor and swab that deck you Brighton scrag.


    šŸƒ< < < šŸ’£

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    I’m not sure you doĀ  :scratch:

    While theĀ financial crisis did happen in 2008… cuts where only made to public services used by those in need and while funding a negative immigration media advertisingĀ  campaign fuelling a “them & us” mindset.

    And my boat dont have cov 19 so dont need a swabĀ  :yahoo:





    cuts where only made to public services used by those in need a

    Ha Ha.

    You really are a spanner sailor boy but funny because you are being deadly serious. Who the f*ck do you think austerity is going to hit hardest you numpty. Fake millionaires like you on your 12-foot yacht? šŸ˜




    OOOoooooooOOOO bitcheeeee cowĀ  :cry:

    You don’t see the bigger pictureĀ  ;-)

    TheĀ austerity program was used to ” educate ” the population.

    Here is how:

    By cutting Police numbers more people became victims of crime.

    By cutting Prison staff numbers less criminals serviced time in prison.

    By high lighting new/failed asylum seekers within the UK immigration became front page news.

    By encouraging 3rd rate celebrates to visit refuge camps in France demonstrating more were coming.

    By putting the blame on the EU’s court of human rights for a failed repatriation system forĀ  asylum seekers.

    Manufacturing an increasinglyĀ eurosceptic population within a few years.

    Now me little love bunny riding a pony in the rest home of me dreams….. why do you thinkĀ Conservative and Unionist Party wanted thatĀ  :rose:







    DOA I assume you are linking totally unrelated events into one fluffy storyline to explain Brexit otherwise I have absolutely no idea what the connection is between your surreal posts.

    You must be one of those Remain nutters who tell Brexiters exactly why they voted Brexit although I must admit yours is one of the humorous explanations.

    You used to do this on Patschat you random c*nt and before you bought a yacht on JC and became a sailor and a ladies man.


    šŸƒšŸ‘ˆ < < šŸ•< < šŸ’£


    Did you just call me OLDĀ  :-(

    I’m a ladies boy not a ladies man you cheeky sodĀ  B-)

    Brexit is such a simplistic answer even for you !

    I voted to leave the EU due to mismanage and corruption on levels on seen in 3rd rate country’s.

    And if Brexit was the only reason for all of this…. once the referendum was complied these policy’s would have stop, but they haven’t.

    What seems to be going on is a redefinition of citizenship. If you asked the question 20 years ago what is a British citizen?Ā  Most people would answer:Ā  a person born in the UK.Ā  Today that’s no longer true.

    British citizenship

    You can live and work in the UK free of any immigration controls if youā€™re a British citizen. You can alsoĀ get a UK passport.

    You might be a British citizen depending on:

    • where and when you were born
    • your parentsā€™ circumstances when you were born

    You canĀ check if youā€™re a British citizenĀ if youā€™re not sure.

    You do not necessarily get British citizenship if you were born in the UK.

    Back in the 1980’s Thatcher brought in new labour laws basically ending trade union dominance. Law’s no labourĀ government ever reverse or tried too.

    For the last 10 years UK citizenship was consistency redefined to a point where about 20 million people can lose there right to remain in the UK.Ā  I’m not just talking about those Russian male brides I order twice a month, try out and send back or refuges floating to the UK on ironing boards.

    Just think about how many people of Irish descent live in the UK or first generation of EUĀ migrant’s children from the old eastern block.

    Much likeĀ Thatcher’s labour laws, the new UKĀ citizenship laws will never be reversed by any political party.



    What seems to be going on is a redefinition of citizenship. If you asked the question 20 years ago what is a British citizen?

    Lol, you wrong un! šŸ˜µ


    According to you the 29394958573727 lines you have written about “austerity” etc over the past few days was/is part of a British gov conspiracy to redefine “citizenship” and according to you, it began 20 years ago.Ā  Then you connect Thatcher’s assault on the trade union movement and then babble on about totally unconnected events and argue … Well, I have no idea what you are saying nor why.


    Away with the fairies sailor boy and avoid that rum that you guzzle like it is water.


    šŸƒšŸ‘ˆ < < šŸ•< < šŸ’£


    Its not aĀ conspiracy …..Ā conspiracies are based on 1/2 truths and misinformationĀ  :-)

    But if you think I’m wrong…. prove itĀ  ;-)

    Now when does that tag come off?Ā  I want to partyĀ  :yahoo:



    But if you think Iā€™m wrongā€¦. prove it



    I recognize, sailor boy, that you don’t know how it works in the REAL world however the onus is on you to prove claims that you make, otherwise, as all REAL sailors know, it is just online bullshit.


    Have a great night on the rum darling. Don’t forget to empty the ‘bag’ you know what happened last time :)


    šŸƒšŸ‘ˆ < < šŸ•< < šŸ’£

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