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    my topic today is the regs,members/guests numbers divide
    personally I don’t trust them,if which I seldom do have to reply to a guest/number I feel this sudden urge to go and wash my hands and wipe my screen
    they are just mere peasants to me
    anybody else feel the same or is it just me?


    It’s just you. I’m sure no one else cares.


    Pmsl what are you on Mr K …. not so long ago you were leaving NEVER to return & now here you are picking fault & moaning about a site you hardly use these days. lol


    At the end of the day users CAN’T be made to register on the site currently so we got to suck it up buttercup.


    You got 2 choices …  like the site or lump it. You been around long enough to know all this.

    Now smile & wave …. put up or shut up Simples really 😎😂

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    well tbh I will put any thread I want on,surely any thread is better than angel babes googled recipes
    ok its no secret ab and I despise each other
    and every time I put a thread on,she goes into a fit to usurp me,will somebody tell that silly cow….oh hang on I did say to her sorry about her loss in chat..but she ignored me
    just leave me alone yeh,and everytime she puts her delia googles on I will beat her with a new thread.


    im sorry if im being nasty as the thread says,but I just cant stand naïve women.


    im sorry if im being nasty as the thread says,but I just cant stand naïve women.

    You really are a waste of space Cosy, and have absolutely no understanding of human nature.


    Cosy you are a prize prick.Angel babe is a well liked chatter and you are such despised person.Do what you keep saying ya gunna do and feek off !!!


    oh do fuck off purleaze I tried one of angels recipes and the oven blew up,also I sent one of angels recipes to a friend by post,and the pillar box was sick
    nb somer look at the state of your snog thread,its not the way that you do its the way that you do it.


    hey skid. Thin wil be here in a min and tell you how he couldn’t even kiss ya ex let alone snog her but she meet him didnt she?


    But im not being nasty lol lol


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 69 total)

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