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    I own very little jewelry.I have two rings,wedding,and engagment rings and two pieces of silver jewelry that were given to me as a gift.I wouldent part with these pieces of jewlry,but i hardley ever wear them.Got my ears ears pierced when i was 16,but took them out because they iritated me.My rings onley go on my pinky now lolI just dont like wearing jewelry.Although i like to see what other folk are wearing.Perhaps a watch for going out.Jewelry irittates and annoys me,i just like to be free of that sort of thing.I,d love to hear about other folks jewelry storeys.

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    Thief robbed a jewelry store once jamie…….stole a valuable clock in the process………..the judge asked him why he did it and he replied……………dunno but i was sorry to steal so much of his valuable time…….LMAO RATF PML TOL


    Groans,but there getting better i did chuckle there lol


    A bit dissapointed.Seems people dont want to post unless,its to anwer a nasty post or be nasty themselvs.I enjoy all the chit chat on the boards about things like peoples ideas about normal things such as jewelry.Nowt as queer as folk,i suppose.


    Nowt as queer as folk,i suppose.

    You’re right there , after last night John is still limping and couldn’t agree more x   :yes:


    lol now that made me laugh.

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    I threw a perfectly good clock i nthe bin then stood there for ages regretting it….what a waste of time………..LMAO RATF PML TOL


    Ok jamief..I bite. Lol..

    In my youth my dad purchased my mum and I much jewelry for holidays so forth. Loved a place in n.y.c. called… “Mings..” it was a store from Japan. For some reason my dad loved Japan, forth. Even if him and his troops took over many towns..

    His love was jade. My brother too got many pieces. When my final parent passed..all came to me..except my dad’s rings went to brother. So I guess I do have many pieces. I not wear often. Only 2 pieces mostly a bristolian gave me.. a pair of earrings from a special friend in Europe too. Bracelets I wear because help my wrists..

    So I opened up. For you…heeeee… .


    I used to steal crisps i nthe wild west and then eat them in the cinema…………..i was known as the wild west rustler.LMAO RATF PML TOL


    yayyy x Linda i think if i was luckey enough to get anything jade,i would wear it.I think your father and me would have gotten on very well.I also love to read about japan.I am obsessed with the culture,people ect.Evrything is small lol,they like that.I became interested in japan reading about Yoko Ono,and ever since then,iv wanted to go there.I hope i do sometime.Your father was a wise man i think.Jade can be very sought after.He must have loved you.s all very much.

    Before my father died,he bought me two beautiful Japanese tea sets.I treasure them.

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