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    Jade is to the Japanese as to Gold is to most Westerns and Europians……..All comes down to what you value most really……

    Which will run out first ….Jade or Gold? Well Gold can be melted so that’s Jade out the door but then if it can’t be melted it may be rarer………

    Reminds me of the time i took some gold into a jewellers to be valued………….valuer said…..well it’s a small piece but Au….it’s cute….




    Lol trust you.


    I always assumed as well jade was well..what thought green.. but I have beautiful brown pieces.. the detail around the stone on some of my pieces very unique and fine. Detailed.. scrolling..often wondered how a fine tool designed the piece itself..

    Yes you and my Dad most likely would have enjoyed discussions of Japan. He described many areas. I have few black pieces of furniture as well he purchased.. almost lacquered look. Ebony in color..with scrolls of brown bamboo..beautiful..we had a friend in the Navy too years later who sent over noritake China for my mom. White..silver edging  snow flake design. 12 piece set. My parents gave me years ago..lord they old.. still look new. And my first jewelry box. Music. Looking at it now. Good lord hate to tell you how old that is. How about more than 40. Lol..still plays music…now these things not only provide history. But have a great deal of sentimental value. Precious items that stay with you..

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    Yes, Jade is not just Green.Although if i did have any jade,it would have to be Green,my favorite color.

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    Hi Jamie x,

    Over the years ive been given and left lots of jewellery sadly its laid in a jewellery box doing nothing as i have an allergy to gold, my skin turns black. I do have some lovely pieces of murano glass jewellery ive picked up over the years while visiting Venice and Slovenia. Recently i sold most of the gold and with the money ive booked myself a three stop holiday staying in New york, Las vegas and San francisco for early next year.

    Mentioning jade, my friend is chinese, when her dad passed away i attended his funeral and was surprised at the amount of jade the chinese culture put in the coffin before burial. My friend told me the chinese believe that jade protects the body from decay. Jade is also associated with immortality.


    Heya Sophia.An ex gf had the same thing so she used to coat her jewellery in clear nail varnish so she could wear it now and again.Hope it helps.

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    Sounds like a fantastick holiday soph.I thought evryone could wear gold,dident know people were elergic to it.My doughters blokey bought her a very nice vivian westwood watch for her birthday and i did think to myself,well i could wear that,Knowing me though it would end up in a drawer.

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    I own very little jewelry.I have two rings,wedding,and engagment rings and two pieces of silver jewelry that were given to me as a gift.I wouldent part with these pieces of jewlry,but i hardley ever wear them.Got my ears ears pierced when i was 16,but took them out because they iritated me.My rings onley go on my pinky now lolI just dont like wearing jewelry.Although i like to see what other folk are wearing.Perhaps a watch for going out.Jewelry irittates and annoys me,i just like to be free of that sort of thing.I,d love to hear about other folks jewelry storeys.

    This is such a poignant thread to me right now. A beautiful Indian lady I know has moved in the last two months and only told me two days ago that in the move she has lost the most precious thing she owns which was an 18 carat gold necklace her grandmother had left her. She can’t sleep, it’s driving her mad that she can’t find it!

    Her husband said to her you know what, our kids are safe we can eat we have a good life. She said I know all that is true and you are so right but my heart still breaks for the loss of something my grandmother wore for her wedding.

    I want to go and ransack her house and find this bloody necklace but of course I can’t and never will !

    I wish she hadn’t told me tbh lol





    Bless her,its bound to make her upset,all the memmoreys and historey.


    When you find it jamie………run down to Antiques Road show before it’s too late..LMAO RATf PMl………..

    What makes me laugh is that all the presenters on the show can afford to buy the antiques on offer many times over…………

    Don’t worry though…next presenter of the Antiques Road show will either be Graham Norton or Brian watzizname from Big Brother…LMAO RATf PML TOl………………..

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