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    What ever happened to Orville?…………


    In Australia it seems that the most sought after gem is opal………….no not the Vauxhall Opal…………..LMAO you’ll find 50 tonnes of gold quicker than you find one of them…LMAO RATF PML………….



    Too too funny. My daughter went to a tremendous flea market. That is what they called here. Assorted new products inexpensive, crafters, antiques so forth. She like her mom in this regard loves to look for those rare finds, unique items..but this market sale comes for 5 weeks of year near end of summer…

    Well I have had this ridiculous cough/cold for over a week. Everyone around us I’ll with something..

    Coming home other day my daughter left me a wrapped gift thanking me for some things had done lately for her..a cheer me up and feel better present…

    I always tell everyone I love birds and a collector of those items..

    Was I in shock..she got me a pewter cuff bracelet. 2 birds..beautiful design. So fine indeed.. the funny of it all as she not read the inner cuff seeing pewter only.. item was made in Scotland.

    It was lovely..


    Nice one linda.What a boost.x


    That an anagram of Boots jamie?…………LMAO RATF PML TOL


    Bless her,its bound to make her upset,all the memmoreys and historey.


    An update! Said person went under hypnosis to try and see if she could find her grandmothers necklace to no avail, however, the other night she was shouting in her sleep Clock Clock! Her husband woke her up and said fgs you’ve forgotten to set the alarm!

    She said no no no  go and look in the old clock we brought with us when we moved. He did so and guess what, there hanging behind the the little door was her grandmother’s necklace !

    Even spookier was the fact that that was the day of her deceased grandfathers Birthday!

    God I love a happy ending !

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    Saw the post about Opals….. when i was in Australia, i bought a fire opal the depth of colour was amazing blues greens and bright reds, it was only a small piece set in a 24 ct gold ring but i loved it

Viewing 9 posts - 21 through 29 (of 29 total)

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