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    FYI Linda,

    The China Alliance you refer to is the recent investment deal between China and the European Union (EU). As the UK is no longer a member of the EU as of 1st January this year because of Brexit, that Alliance is of no direct significance to my country. We will have to do our own deals with China and as it happens, every other world nation.

    I didn’t vote for Brexit, you didn’t vote for Biden. We both have something to suck up don’t we dear?

    The Brexiteers didn’t bargain on covid hitting the UK the moment we leave the 35 year relationship with Europe so yes, we are going to be seriously challenged over the next few years. It’s not what I wanted, but I’ll be glad when trump is in the slammer.

    May time heal your wounds Linda.


    P.S. Did you want to comment on the U.S. jobs graph I put up earlier. Seems to me that Biden has a good record of getting people back into work.



    Correction – 45 year membership of the EU.


    And Biden beat out Obama votes. Lol.

    Biden and Trump both got the most votes for any presidential candidate in history.

    In the same election.



    and Biden got 7 million more..



    Umm u sound like a familiar chatter here. Need to control females and facts or opinions OF THEIR COMMENTS. AND you always allowed to begin and end in your favor…. no compromise. Interesting….


    I have said repeatedly in rooms and again here on boards.

    Definitely laws and rules were changed earlier last year with out going through proper channels in mail in voter registration. Point many Americans agree now it simply not kosher! When ever voting took place 6 a.m. 9 p.m. closed and counts continued with out any ANY breaks. Flooding so shut down counting till next day? (Btw toilet..could have shut off water) Trump winning big time and then next morning omg thousands and thousands votes for Biden..none Trump. Ah that sound RIGHT, logicial?

    Simple understanding…u have 100 people who live in town registered voters. Tell me how does that community get a count of 1,000 voters… this happened many states. Did u see seniors who not allowed to vote again. They on television saying some one else voted for them! How? People voting whom not live in State and voted. Ummm how allowed? So if u ask me I agree this voter discrepancy and were squashed oh by the way democratic judges!…. integrity of our voting system needs looking in to.

    And lol. Biden got more than Obama in votes. Ummm. Little hard to believe.

    This election a set up to bring Trump down.. Yep..



    So Linda,

    Here we go again. You state all of your points as facts when they are NOT. Let’s start with the Gabriel Sterling video for Georgia. Have you seen it yet? Have you? Tell me you’ve seen it Linda and then we can start having a sensible discussion about this.

    If you’re not willing to listen to all the explanations for your so-called facts then as I said, I can’t help and there’s no point in you promoting lies.



    Don’t promote lies . Facts pet. Find other resources then.

    Again you are a hater of Trump and only find negative assualts. I WILL NOT YIELD TO FACTS..

    Ummm think declassified that Russia garbage and key spies Obama..Clinton. Era. Suggest u find an avenue to read those documents.

    And interesting TRUMP BEEN SAYING FOR MONTHS AND MONTHS NOW..OPEN SCHOOLS..RESTAURANTS ETC. these lock down wardens loosing residents and businesses are saying NEED TO OPEN AGAIN. See they know our economy drowning and know Biden going to raise taxes. come forth. Lol lol. Want to make it look like BIDEN did that.



    You’re too far gone Linda. You won’t listen to the facts. You won’t listen to anyone.

    Its your country. Thanks God it’s not mine.







    So, if Biden was elected by the people, why does he need 25,000 troops to protect his inauguration from the people?


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