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    Sorry Linda but I’m finding some of your text a bit hard to interpret.

    You said


    What were you trying to say my dear?



    Saying they hypocrites..fault trump over covid, and all he not do. New v.p stating before xmas she not trust trump, nor was she taking vaccine. Oh well  she did. Nationally…

    And go back to March when biden said no issues with Covid,  and TRUMP WAS WRONG AND HE LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.



    The way I remember the vaccine incident, Kamala Harris said she wasn’t going to take any vaccine pushed by Trump because he was trying to get it rushed through the process so it would be ready for the election on Nov 3rd. It was your President who was making your FDA agency short cut their testing and approval for his political gain. She took it because it DID eventually go through the proper approval process.

    As far as Warp Speed was concerned, it’s a fast track program to protect America. Trump didn’t do anything apart from saying ‘yes’ because it was the only option. Warp Speed has been lagging way behind it’s intended vaccination targets and the actual distribution of the vaccine has been pretty abysmal.  Warp factor 1 would better describe it.

    Wiki reports that:

    In October 2020, Alex Azar predicted 100 million available doses by the end of the year.<sup id=”cite_ref-politico_56-0″ class=”reference”>[56]</sup> The Trump administration later reduced the goal to 20 million doses by the end of 2020, which it failed to achieve.<sup id=”cite_ref-politico_56-1″ class=”reference”>[56]</sup> As of January 6, 2021, the CDC was reporting 17,288,950 doses distributed, but only 5,306,797 actually administered to a person.<sup id=”cite_ref-57″ class=”reference”>[57]</sup> Of those, 3,416,875 were distributed and 511,635 administered through the Federal Pharmacy Partnership.


    By comparison we’ve vaccinated 2.3 million here in the UK and have set up major vaccination hubs across the country to ramp up to over 2 million jabs per week. Our own Oxford/Astra-Zeneca vaccine needs only room chillers to store it in, not the minus 80 centigrade required by the Pfizer option so distribution is much simpler.





    #1134022 for what and when Trump and Biden said about covid to the American public.

    Well, lets deal with Trump first because he was your President at the time. He was the leader, he was the person that all Americans should have been looking up to to guide the country.

    That was his job.

    So…did he communicate the danger of the virus at any time to the public? He sure told Bob Woodward how dangerous it was but did he tell YOU?

    He said, it’s going to disappear, when it gets warm, it’ll just disappear. He led a vast amount of Americans into believing it was no more a killer than a common flu.  BUT, it’s not that simple is it. Despite the death rate being very low, it’s still one of the most contagious viruses man has ever seen and the hospitals are bursting. BURSTING Linda. Trump saw covid as a threat to his re-election so he decided to effectively  ignore it like a real estate salesman would except when witch doctors or pillow salesmen said they had the cure. Only in America could that happen.  Covid ravaged Him, his family, the White House  and the Republican Party because masks were politicized by Trump. He then got on the Warp Speed bandwagon because he realized how much he’d fucked up.

    I couldn’t give a damn when Biden did or didn’t start talking about covid. TRUMP was your leader. HE was the PRESIDENT. And he lost the election on his shit-poor management of covid.

    US covid deaths will exceed 400,000 this month (Jan 2021)  and if there are any conspirators who say they are not real…..  I say to them..  FUCK YOU.



    Oh my my. He did ban travelers. Umm he did have open forum with medical leaders on t.v. and as he may of been little silent in very beginning was so not to make mass panic.

    As for the fook ups..u better do your research better..

    As for National Guard up to Governors and Mayors in each State.. as far as covid mandates up to them as well. NOT PRESIDENT CALL

    You seem little tired. Get some rest

    I agree that violence at Capitol was awful..Trump even admitted that those who attacked misunderstood a peaceful protest and where infilitrated by others. Pipe bombs not made in an hour. Planned ahead of time.

    Armed protest now planned across the States. So Trump not on any accounts to tweet.. So is he personally making calls?

    This an opportunity for trouble makers and rioters who live and thrive, disrupt freedom, and denounce rule of law in any and all forms. Remember defund our police. Many many democratic officials wanted that.

    Look up Maxine Waters who told people go into places find trump supporters, Republicans and take them down. Nadler..Antifa a myth. Lol Schiff.. peaceful Protest as cities..statutes torn down and Burned. Defacing churches, cemetary,  courts, police stations, changing names. Delete learned history for future help or correctness. Using Blm material in our schools to teach our very very young their views.

    Media using right of free speech..bias condoning these peaceful destructive demonstrations as cities fall. Omg. National guard not allowed in as governors refused assistance. Co-op city..! Massive rise in crimes.

    My my. Covid and lock downs have provided havoc and chaos. Facebook, Twitter now control our freedom of speech. High tech taking over. Sorry state of affairs.







    You just wrote:

    Trump even admitted that those who attacked misunderstood a peaceful protest and where infilitrated by others.

    “admitted” Linda ?

    “misunderstood”  ?

    “peaceful” ??????????

    You really think that the mob who trump  had  riled up for hours days weeks and years before were going to stroll up to the Capitol fence and politely ask the police to speak to Mike Pence and quietly ask him to shit on his constitutional duties?

    If you really think that trump was naive enough to think rioting wouldn’t happen then I’m sorry Linda,  you’re too far gone my dear.

    “Now it is up to Congress to confront this egregious assault on our democracy. After this, we’re going to walk down and I’ll be there with you. (HE LIED) We’re going to walk down. We’re going to walk down any one you want, but I think right here. We’re going walk down to the Capitol, and we’re going to cheer on our brave senators, and congressmen and women. We’re probably not going to be cheering so much for some of them because you’ll never take back our country with weakness. You have to show strength, and you have to be strong”.

    He told the mob armed with helmets, spears, gallows, a hang-noose, pipe bombs and guns to SHOW STRENGTH. Have you seen the “noose dedications” by his proud followers Linda?

    It’s exactly what the Mafia do Linda. You know, ” you wouldn’t want any harm to come to your family would you” And of course, he warmed up his style with his call to Raffensperger a few days before.  “You know that you can get into a lot of trouble don’t you Brad”

    Sorry Linda, but if you’re interpreting what happened on live TV as anything other than a Trump-led insurrection then please seek help. I’m certainly not qualified to help you.




    He admitted that he not condoned that. Also ALL STATIONS I LOOKED. He said “PEACEFULLY PROTEST.” Ones that listen to the hour speech and not delete by bias media.


    Hundreds of thousand who did protest did not set fires, tear down statutes, throw bottles, beat each other up.

    Last summer when rioters destroyed communities they set to destroy purposedly over a wrongful death of a human being, race was pushed as reasoning and need for change. From that point forward this nation has been divided and hate sears through her belly allowing lawless  disruption by those in charge of their States, division of parties. It continually fueled and never healed. Never resolved.

    75 million people voted for trump. Mere legal rights to challenge laws changed with out Capitol input or acting new legislation. States do have certain laws to follow with the constitution. You sadly are blinded too by over all package and follow hate.

    I gave u simple meaning of our legal term FREEDOM… should I now provide simple terms for our Constitution.

    You thick as KIWI. I suggest u have a cold beer together..I send you constitution.



    75 million voted for trump

    81 million voted for Biden

    306 to 232 in your electoral college.

    Biden is your new President

    That’s democracy

    End of story.


    And Biden beat out Obama votes. Lol.

    He may be America’s President, not whom I voted for. May have to suck it up but I tell you what, not end of story that for sure. Btw enjoy your alliance with China I understand.

    Your economy will go further down the tubes and you going to regret Trump no longer our President. Heeee.


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