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    Another two stabbing this weekend resulting in two deaths a 16 year old boy from Coventry and 29 year old woman from Merseyside that im aware of. What can be done to tackle the  root causes of violent crime to help prevent future deaths. Would showing pictures of these knife attacks have any effect maybe make people think twice. Take the attacker to the local morgue to see what knife crime can do and the effects it has on their victims family. Or mollycoddle them with steppingstones programmes and money to community groups and grassroots initiatives? Last night while out in my town centre the police were out scanning people for knives. I think every pub, club and gathering where young people hang out should have a scanning machine also make the owners of these  bars etc have it as compulsary part of their licence. I am aware that some stabbing are done on the streets. I can remember the shock factor when Leah Betts died while taking ecstasy tablet in 1995 , and then drank approximately 7 litres of water in a 90-minute period,this was the day my son was born 19 Nov. Her parents allowed Leahs picture of her wired up on life support to be put up on large bill boards all over the uk, this did send the message home to many teenagers. Do we shock or handle with kid gloves?


    That’s a scary photo, Soph. Our streets are being turned into a version of airport security areas.

    Well, just as with the airport, if it’s something we have to put up with to stop a bomb on a plane or a knife through the heart of some young kid who’s just starting his/her life, then that’s a price we have to pay.

    To me, it’s self-evident that we use as many strategies – tough and soft – that can be used to stop this. But I’m not sure how it can be stopped at any time soon.

    If you show photos of victims, force the killer to see the consequences of their crime, that might help and so yes, of course.

    But isn’t it a bit late, and I’m not sure that being aware of the misery caused will put many of the youngsters off. Quite the opposite.


    As usual with crime, you have a slow battle, and you have to get to the causes of it all, and work with the youth community.

    If anyone else has a more effective idea – then everybody is listening.

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    Sad that every one of our schools have security gates and scans for students and visitors. Yes..some time now. Kids bring in to schools knifes..better access to get I assume, then guns…so what we now ban knifes as a utensil which turn in to hateful crimes… I wish people would think first of actions and consequences when get so outraged with emotion, go for the kill…..both sides of coin whom innocent put in middle not know this kid hurting, sick..planning. why you not there..stop it..your fault parent. Should know your kid..what the hell?

    Plan to stop..not sure you can if some one goes over the line in talking to. Revenge..anger..many counselors in schools, communities.. many feel justification doing what do..harming got to get people to recognize first they a ticking bomb..when accept it..some go for help..change. Most feel they have no problem. It the other who does..

    Sad sad….

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    I know some knife carriers are total scum, but apparently where the situation is so out of control a lot of “normal” kids are carrying knifes purely to protect themselves.

    I don’t know what the solution is, but we can’t do anything about the ones already grown up so let’s start educating the younger ones at school to dilute the problem in years to come. We will sadly lose a lot more lives by then but something is better than nothing. And while we are at it, don’t let young kids out roaming the streets being bored just because some parents can’t  be bothered to deal with them.

    No one wants to take responsibility nowadays.

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    So agree Kenty..Educating crucial. Sad those feel need to protect carry a knife. First ones whom are hurt.

    The world we live in present..I don’t see a quick fix soon. Getting worse with our own youth here..

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    Apparantly they’ve tackled it in Glasgow and the knife crime figures have halved. Don’t know all the details but where kids are being bullied into joining gangs they’ve moved the family away. Taken them out of the situation. More to it I know, may be worth looking into what’s working for them ?

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    I know some knife carriers are total scum, but apparently where the situation is so out of control a lot of “normal” kids are carrying knifes purely to protect themselves.

    That’s always been the case.

    I remember when I was a kid the pressure was on to join a gang because it was safer that way. Not all the gangs were out for trouble, but if you joined the wrong gang then you just had to follow the leader.

    There were knives around, then, too. The flick knife was the favourite weapon for street-savvy kids. Showed they were grown up.

    You made a decision – you had street-cred (is that term still in use??) or, like me, you established some really good house-cred and kept indoors. I was lucky in that the street was a pretty good one, the kids were all right, so I could venture out now and then.. ;-)

    The use of knives to kill has changed, though. Very alarming.


    The Glasgow example is interesting.

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    Mooosey, today a 28 foot statue made from over 100,000 handed in during  a knife amnesty during 2015-16 has come to the anglican cathedral in Liverpool to be displayed outside the cathedral entrance. Rob Jackson a nurse clinician at the lpool royal hospital has gone into schools to educate more than 90,000 young people about the dangers of knives. He has worked solidly to get the Knife Angel to Merseyside and says it has a powerful message. The knife angel was built by a scupltor, Alfie Bradley, and is formed from over 100,000 knives that were either handed in to police stations around the UK  during confiscations and amnesties.


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    I have also noticed lots of shops around the city centre have stopped selling cheap knives. I snapped this pic yesterday while walking past the local poundland store.


    Yea soph Ive seen pics of The  Knife Angel before, its breathtaking ….  do you know how long its here for ?

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