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    This is actually a bit of a mixture post wise.

    Firstly apologies for posting what was supposed to be a 2 short but had not been edited before posting,an accident completely my fault so I entirely apologise. I had no way to delete it so have not viewed any comments made on it.

    Secondly ,I hope that indeed as the boards are seemingly saying that the issues of trolling on them will cease soon,as I’ve always said the boards are for all.

    Thirdly, I met someone who was oddly very alike to me in personality bar my giggling and for me personally it was a bit of a surprise,which both me again thinking of this idea of cliques. Is it so unusual that you would talk more to people you have things in common with? In fact I found this person was close friends with one of my close friends, people do have groups of people they get on with and I don’t think that’s some odd thing but rather human nature.

    Fourthly, although I know JC isn’t something you put in a settlement,I do realise that me being in F1 for such a significant time frame is unfair on him/you and so I’ll transfer to WhatsApp and come in if one of our friends fancies a chat but other than that the weekend is yours.

    Fifth, Thank you to all those who have either made me laugh or helped me through the insomnia or just been fab. I’m trying to think if I’ve a mental list in my head that won’t leave anyone out. Well you know who you are! It has been so funny some nights till we’re crying laughing how mad it gets. Naked mole rat.

    Sixth, Boys,girls talk via pm no matter how many times you tell them not too.

    Seven, The new system where we cannot post videos to play in main without leaving the site is awful.

    Eighth, The funniest crying laughing and giggling moments this month has definitely come from these amazingly funny people Guru for many funnies.Sandee for biting. Rosa for Bible bum bashing,lol. Blue who whilst I had a serious conversation with my sister was cracking me up in main,I got in trouble but it was so funny lol. James for bathcat. Whizz ,I’mhe knows why. probably missing one or two so I apologise. You can think you’re going to bed at midnight and find it early hours before you actually go to bed.

    Ninth, I’ll check my mail and WhatsApp on but that’s me out! Have a beautiful weekend all and see you on the flip side.

    Tenth, Donkey,I’ll catch up on the videos

    Eleventh, Those I care about,have a lovely weekend ,hint, you’re the ones I like talking to when you arrive.You know! Lol

    And ,I’m out! Need me you know where I am.


    Well…..    I hope at least some of it made sense to someone …. ? ? ?

    Take care Sara !!

    🤔. 🙄 🥴 🤥

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    the good will made sense.

    Thanks for your contributions to the boards, and I’m glad you’ve made a good friend.

    Au revoir

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    Thank you,see you after the weekend. And have a lovely one!


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    Good God woman.

    Do you know how many of us have done the ‘I’m leaving speech’ only to come back the day after or even the same day lol

    Today is Saturday, as far as I am aware Saturday is classed as a weekend day LOL.

    So you post about leaving for the weekend yet comment on the thread you posted about leaving for the weekend on the weekend?

    People say I am crazy?

    You have many people here who like you.  I’ve had my address posted up and horrible pics posted up that I didn’t even take myself or know were being taken yet I have managed to grow some balls and refuse to be bullied out.

    Is your ego so fragile that you run at the first sight of trouble and dislike?

    I wont make you feel bad for ‘leaving’ and not actually going anywhere lol.

    Your writing shows promise, maybe focus less on what you think people want to read and about ‘relationships’ so much and focus on story lines that involve more than just sex/love/partnerships as to be fair its all been done to death so many times by greater writers than either of us.

    Sometimes I just sit and watch the world go by imagining where people are going and what they are thinking.  Like watching a foreign film where you cannot understand what the characters are saying but you can write their story yourself.

    Possibilities are endless.  I suggest you just try to alter your perceptions and embrace your unique individuality instead of trying to appeal to the masses.

    I like to imagine you have inner depth and that there is more to you than what you have so far shown.

    I am often disappointed however.

    I am happy to ignore you in the rooms, avoid you on the boards etc but I don’t think you should make bold statements about leaving or that you should actually leave.  Some people will understand and like us, and some people will hate us and wish to run us over with their cars.  That is what makes the world so wonderful.  No one is ever totally the same.

    My opinion only matters to myself but for what its worth – the only opinion you should listen to is your own.

    You are longing to be seen – I can see you, so can others.

    Be the you that you wish to be.

    Don’t leave – just grow a backbone and pull your silly self together.




    Fuck me, I don’t have much of an education, but I manage by keeping it simple and the devices I type from have spellcheck and highlight spelling mistakes.

    But reading this thread I’m not sure if I’m a retard incapable of understanding the writing from the mind of a great intellectual, or the great intellectual is a deluded fucking idiot that can’t string a sentence together.

    Does anyone actually understand the following?

    Fourthly, although I know JC isn’t something you put in a settlement,I do realise that me being in F1 for such a significant time frame is unfair on him/you transfer to WhatsApp and come in if one of our friends fancies a chat but other than that the weekend is yourAnyway

    Anyway Sara, if this a grand farewell just for the weekend, have a good weekend.

    If you are leaving for life, have a nice life, perhaps we will bump into each other in an adult learning centre one day.

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    I’m sorry but oh god..


    I bow down to you..

    That had me howling laughing

    (Sorry sara)

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    Just thought I should let you all know that I am leaving to go to the bathroom.

    Thank you to everyone in JC for just being yourselves.  I will watsapp some of you from the toilet.


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    I’ll Skype you from the garden.

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    Have run out of toilet roll, please bring me a large leaf.

    Thanks babe.


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