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    Picture the scene guys, you have had a 2 hour bus journey, you are tired, thirsty, loaded down with baggage.

    Ive stepped out bristol bus station which is a magnet for nutcases at the best of times. and this guy with blue hair starts dancing infront of me and asks me if i care about the plight of weasels, and would i like to donate 10 pounds a month.

    I could feel the danger signs coming on. so i took a few deep breaths.

    Its pretty common knowledge in chat im a alfonso on weasels.

    Right i thought, muscle in on my turf will you, have some of this.

    The colombian weasel or european polecats are we talking i said?

    I used to work with weasels i remarked.

    He had stopped dancing infront of me now, well i hit him with another 20 weasel based facts.

    You dont care or no nothing about weasels i said, you are doing this for wages arent you?

    No need to get personal sir he said. Well i said no need to dance 2 yards infront my face i said.

    So how many weasels have you actually owned then i asked?

    He starts backing off now,well im shouting he doesnt care about weasels.

    Then its occured to me its 5pm rush hour and im shouting about weasels infront of traffic and commuters.

    I went red as a beetroot and scurried off down the subway.


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    quickly followed by two men from Callington Road :whistle:   :whistle:


    LOL at least you can reflect on how funny it is in hindsight.

    Almost like you poetry slammed him with weasels facts!,lol.


    I shouted at a man in Asda to ‘get the fck out of my way’.

    Sh1t happens.

    You should have told him where to stick his weasel.


    Lord I do love your temper. So diplomatic. Hee. Not seen very often, however, when those eyes give that look, oh man watch out. Heee. Xx your hats say it all. Giggles…..

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    And now I am looking at you with my eyes sir! xx

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    PML…………….ass licking hat?


    Another arrogant statement….milky decides who is a nutter or not


    And another arrogant statement from you Q..”Ass licking hat.”

    In the words of a good friend..”Ride away on your bike son!” :bye:

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