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    a lovely platitude

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    Love this song. The clip you posted ge

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    Sassey…did you ever watch Lassey? Lassie come home..give the dog a bone…LOL…wuffly speaking of course


    Why does somer always lower tone with his foul and disgusting mouth

    somer 1 is a nice bloke leave him alone bozo :negative:


    The baby jesus has appeared to me in a dream stating Sassey is a hideous creature destined for hell and advises her to pack a fireproof coat as Satan has a big fire with a trident ready to poke up her backside. YOU ARE HELLBOUND SASSEY AND THE WORK OF DIABOLUS . The virgin Mary would be so ashamed of you- prepare for hell :bye:

    In the Bible it says God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.So burn yourself Mags.

    Now if your raging mincer son reads this. That means you are making fun of your own son and what he will see is you mocking the gay community which I find disgusting and you already know it’s illegal yes ???

    You nasty piece ofđź’©

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    Fruity..move on.

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    You like my dancing linda ok watch this babe :yahoo:  


    [email protected] saying desperate for business


    Love you long time linda do you do chucky workid ;-)  

    Chucky = credit as I know the more disconcerning weirdos that lurk around here have not got the brains to work it out :bye:


    All rise for judge linda…………milky rises all the time…..LMAO RATF PML

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