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    You wait till your dad gets home
    Respect your elders
    Eat your vegetables or you won’t get dessert
    Elbows off the table

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    Save the big piece of chicken for your dad
    Ask to be excused before you leave the table


    if you break both your legs falling off that dont come running to me :)

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    Do you want a good hiding ?


    If you’ve nothin nice to say, say nothin at all…


    mam,what you crying for?
    me,all the kids at school keep calling me big head
    mam,oh just ignore them they are stupid,anyway young markie cose will you go to the shop and get us 5lb of spuds
    me,yeh sure mam have you got a bag
    mam no i havent,oh just carry them back in your school cap.


    I wish I had got an abortion.


    Angelbabe – never a truer word said. Many a time all said to me.

    also – which one of you did it, say or you will all be punished xx


    If you swallow that gum it’ll wrap around your heart and kill you.

    She was a charmer my Mam.     B-)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 37 total)

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