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    What’s for tea mum….Iffits….What’s iffits? Iffits on your plate, that’s what you’ll have for tea.


    don’t pull that face, the wind will change and you will stay like that – I do wish I had listened.


    My mum you to say, “If your bored, stay out of my hair go play games.”

    Which had me thinking here as a child what was your favorite game(s)? Do you still play and why?

    Loved monopoly- $200.00 for passing go. Who would get the race car piece to use. Buying property. Building houses, hotels, collecting rent when someone landed on you. Now winter months use, snow bound, goodies/hot chocolate.

    Scrabble- making and adding letters forming words. Best of all not knowing if word even existed. No one would challenge, did not want to lose 50 points for each challenged word… now single/partners, highest scores, bets made, lunch/dinner/movies.

    Twister, ground board game.
    Spin wheel, color, hands and feet placed on circle, each spin moved to be first on color. Much falling down on each other. Today, out of a pool wet see how long can stand or reach color as everyone wet and slippery, fall on you.

    Last, mum never ever knew about with friends. (Boy/girl game)
    Spin the bottle…. pointed end made out with who pointed too. (Kissing) Most often us girls hoped landed toward guy we wanted, not the ones did not. Today good old tequila bottle, drink, first one to reach worm at bottom, must potent of all the drink. Got it…

    Hee hee.. mum knew this game as we were older, she liked wine…


    Loved playing Monopoly when i was a kid. Some games lasted all weekend. Used to love all the board games. Yahtzee was another : 5 dice game with different scores. Ker – plunk, Buckaroo, Operation lol

    Got Electronic Battleships for Christmas one year. I was well chuffed. LOL Mouse Trap must be the all time retro game. That was so cool.

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    Thing is about Monopoly…most assume that if you get Mayfair and Park lane you will win…you might….but its always a better idea to buy houses and/or hotels on the orange or violet colored places. Every one lands on them far more than the purple ones and i always seemed to stay in the game longer but of course landing on said Mayfair or Park Lane could bankrupt one immediately. then of course, it’s always handy to land on community chest and get a …Get out of jail free card…lol There was another set of cards but i cant remember what they were on the board.

    Always a big fight in my house to who got the hat and car figures. I mean…who ever wanted the iron? I think the figures were…Hat, Dog, Car, Iron, must have been a 4 player game.

    Clue-do was another cool game. Colonel Mustard killed Aunt Scarlet in the library with the candle-stick.

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    Monopoly was like World War Two in my house, large Irish family always bickering and that was just when mam and dad played.







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    Only guaranteed rule in Monopoly was…..never buy Old Kent Road or the other brown one. lol.


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    ah i remember i think, the other stack of cards on the board was called Chance…or some thing like that.



    Loved list and few others from while ago posted, especially Angelbabe’s… add on…”there’s the door, you don’t like rules or want to live by them, don’t let the door hit you on the way out…
    Best of the best…wait till your father get’s home.” We wait and wait..and he never came. Boy,scared us to death all day waiting for punishment by dad to be dished out..hee hee….

    Monopoly yep, battle for the pieces. 4 players. Hat never seem to bother me, the dam iron!
    Forgot free parking! When you became poor needed more money, seemed 200.00 for passing go, and 500.00 landing on free parking could not wait for.
    Have to pull out the game. Think other set cards called community service. Pay tax bill, hospital fee, go to jail do not pass go…hee hee.
    Thanks for sharing..


    Another one of my Mum’s favorite saying’s was pull ya  bottom lip in cause Concorde is coming into land

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